Monday, March 30, 2009

Parker's First Birthday Video

Parker's 1st Birthday video I made for him.

Parker's FIRST Birthday Party!

I cannot believe Parker is already 1. This year has flown by. He is adorable, and if you know him then you understand (I know I am a little bias)! He is always happy, and super content. He loves to say, "Uh om" (uh oh), "Mama", "Dada", "What that", "Bye", and "Hi"! That is pretty much it! Kyle wants to compare him to Gavin, wo at his first birthday could say all the animal sounds, and about 50 other words, very clearly, including turtle. But, hey kids are different! And Parker is my happy baby. He is a Mama's boy, which I love, and is am eater. He is only 20 lbs. but this kids can eat, just like his Mommy and Daddy. We love him so much and can not imagine life with out him. Happy birthday Parkey Poo, we love you so much!

A little irriated about the hat, but once the food came, he did not even care!
Uncle Greg and Auntie Sarah brought Gavin a toy too. So thoughtful. Birthdays are hard for 2 year olds, if i os not theirs!
Crazy Uncle Eric. Always getting on the floor and playing!
Papa Joe and Kyle
Uncle Greggy!
Birthday Boy!
Step #1
Step #2
Step #3
Parker offering Gavin some of his birthday cake!
I love having boys...brothers! I can just see the future friends!
You would think a 2 year old would be cleaner than a 1 year old, but not the case!
Papa Jim and Grandma Vivey
Auntie Sarah and Uncle Greg
Papa Joe and Grandma Michele
With GG (Papa Jim's Mom, my Grandma)
All bathed and clean. Time for presents.
Cool shape sorting toy from Greg and Sarah. Thanks so  much!
Reading the cards with my helper, Gavin!
Look at those puppy dog eyes. So cute!
Happy Birthday Parker, we love you!

Gavin's Birthday Song for Parker!

Last Few Weeks....

I have forgotten about these pictures! So as most of you know we are living with my parents in Escondido and really enjoying ourselves. The boys are loving having Grandma and Papa around to play with, and I am enjoying the extra hands! Gavin, while we have been here, has learned how to ride his tricycle (or I should say, his feet finally reach!). Parker has learned how to crawl normal. This was a moth ago, but I forgot to post the video. Parker, up until last month, has army crawled. Kyle started working with him and now he crawls normal! Here are a few events of the last month.
Gavin is loving helping Papa mow the yard and do yard work.
Riding his tricycle in the backyard.

He is so excited to ride his tricycle in the backyard. Big boy!

Parker finally crawling normal!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Adventures With Addison

We had such a great time with Auntie Jen, baby Ava and Addison who visited for 9 days! Uncle Will came for 3 of the 9 days. We were busy hitting up all the hot spots of San Diego for toddlers. We miss them and are counting down the days until we see them. It is no fun to have them live so far away! Here are a few pictures of our fun times together.
Wild Animal Park

Petting zoo at the Wild Animal park. Addison feeding the deer.

Gavin feeding the deer as well as demonstrating how to eat it!

Lovin' hangin' with Addison.
With Grandma Viv. She was so happy to have everyone home together!

Sea World

Amy and Ryder joined us for our outing. The 3 big boys loved spending time with each other. Their little conversations between each other were priceless!
Good job Addison!
Parker lovin' it. Big brother Gavin was not about to touch those Stingrays...just like Mommy!


Papa and Addison in the "bucket"!

Open Gym

Boys and their blocks!
Two of a kind!
Happy boy!
They were really trying to make a basket, so funny!
More blocks!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gavin's Randoms...

Gavin comes up with the funniest things, so I thought I would write them down before I forget...

1. He spilled the water table outside and asked my Dad, "Did I make a bad choice?"
2. Last night at dinner he was going around to each of us and saying, "Daddy is a boy, Mommy is a princess, Papa is a genius and Grandma is a monster"...later changed it to beast.
3. He has an alter ego named "Garvin". Whenever he hurts Parker he says, "Garvin did it, not Gavin." And he also loves to turn angry and cal himself Garvin.
4. He loves to quote any book, movie or show. His favorite right now is Nacho Libre. He says, "I'ved had diarias (sp?) since Easters" all the time!

I do not know where this kid came from, but I am loving his be continued.... 

The Lastest Haps!

My Dad and I took the boys to the Wild Animal Park a few weeks ago. We love going, and so do the boys. Parker is now getting old enough to really notice the animals, and Gavin is my little zoologist, he loves all animals. He is totally loving Grandma's house and having their dog to play with and feed. He is obsessed with giving Brandy (their dog) treats, and she is loving him too, pretty sweet.
At the lion exhibit. So close up!

The elephants were being so cute playing in the mud!
With Papa.
"Hello Deer!"
Parker, a little unsure on what exactly he was to do with these things!
Riding his tricycle.

Gavin, finally able to reach the pedals! Yeah...So excited!

I figured I better capture Parker's Army Crawling before he does not do it anymore. And I am glad I he crawls completely normal. Good Job Park!