Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cooper Joseph Carnohan

At the hospital for my scheduled induction. After being 11 days overdue the doctor was concerned that the placenta was getting too old and could result in infection and lack of nutrients to the baby. As much as I wanted to wait for him to be ready and come out...I knew it was time. Gavin and Parker were both over due and labor was fast with them, so I was a little concerned and nervous to see how my body would respond to pitocin.

Kyle's artwork. He was a little nervous and bored. A lot different then my 3 hour labors with Gavin and Parker.
At 1pm we started pitocin. Now begins the waiting game. (talking to Alison, my twin!)
I was anxious to get moving and walk around, hoping labor would progress with a little help from gravity. Then just a few minutes after this picture was taken, Cooper's heart rate dropped from 140 to 50. It lasted for 5 minutes. 4 nurses came rushing in and then comes my doctor. They gave me a shot to immediately stop my uterus from contracting and stopped pitocin. The baby needed to relax after being under so much stress. So from then on (4pm) I was to stay on my side, only my right side (we tried the left and his heart rate started to fall again), until the end. Cooper had his cord around his neck, which we have known from the 20 week ultrasound, so standing and laying of my left side must have been putting pressure on the cord resulting in a lack of oxygen. A few hours later I really needed to go pee, so I got up real quick and peed...low and behold his heart rate dropped again. Ahhh! My doctor was very concerned. She wanted me to get an epidural to get numb and ready just in case his heart rate dropped again, because if it did, we would have to rush to do an emergency c section. Stubborn me, I did not want to do an epidural, so I asked if we could just wait a little and see how he does. She then broke my water at 7pm and we waited to see if labor would progress. Up until now I remained dilated at a 3. A little frustrating. I am having some good contractions but I am not dilating! After she broke my water she came to check on me at about 10pm. She checked me out and I was now a 6. Yipee, finally progress. Until she felt his hand over his head shooting out like superman. She attempted to move it, but no luck. Now we new it was epidural and c section time. 2 of the things I never wanted to hear. But, poor little Cooper was not coming out the "right way". Because of his cord and his arm he was not descending and was not putting enough pressure on the cervix to dilate it, so I would not have been able to deliver vaginally. A little disappointed for sure, I knew this was the right thing and I felt peace about it. I am about to meet my baby I have been carrying for 41 and a half weeks. So exciting!

Kyle getting suited up. It's time.

Here we go to the OR.

Sorry for the graphic pictures. Close your eyes if you need to and scroll down. Kyle being a paramedic was very into this. I really didn't want him to look...worried he may never look at me the same after seeing my guts, but I couldn't stop him.

There is his feet...and privates.

Here is the little buddy. It took him about 30 seconds to make his first cry. Kyle said he looked like a smurf, totally blue. :( Finally I heard him make his first cry. I immediately burst into tears. This unexpected labor and delivery was finally over, and our baby is here safe and sound.

Love that cry.

Seeing him for the first time. I love you Cooper more then you know!

We did it!

Daddy and boy number 3, I don't think Kyle could be any happier and proud to have 3 healthy boys.
Born on November 30, 2011 at 11:24pm 7 lb 14.5 oz and 21 inches long

Holding him for the first time after getting all sewn back up again. A little out of it and shaky, but excited to finally hold my baby. We did "skin to skin" and he latched on right away like a champ.

Big brothers meeting him for the first time. They were so giddy and excited!

I am one happy mama.

All dressed and ready to go home after 4 days in the hospital.

Here we go!