Friday, May 27, 2011

I love my boys so much! It is true... sometimes they drive me crazy, and I want to pull my hair out and scream, but right now as they are resting in their beds and the house is quiet, I miss them. I know, weird! I always knew having kids would be fun and amazing. I remember when we first got married I would long for the day when my car would be filled with car seats and rowdy kids. I remember watching a mother with her kids at the grocery store loosing her cool and thinking that would never be me. Hahaha! Motherhood is everything I longed for and more. When I watch my kids play I sometimes can not believe they are mine. How was I blessed with such amazing little people? What did I do to earn such a blessing? I know I take them for granted and all too often I lose my temper and do things I wish I wouldn't. I know motherhood is the toughest job in the world with too little appreciation. I know one day I will miss these moments where they are carefree, without any scars from the world. I want to be better. I want to have no regrets, and so I promise I will do all I can to love them and care for them as I would want to be cared for. I promise to cherish the moments as if they are my last, and I promise to stop what I want to do for my selfish self and think of them. I love being a mom and hope to be all I should be for them.

Gavin and Daddy

Gavin. He did so good, he even made a hole in 1!

Parker working-out
Parker boxing at the gym.

Wild Animal Park
Parker with the crazy, starving bird.
Gavin with his bestie Jonah.