Monday, December 27, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Skeleton and a Giraffe. We went trick-or-treating at Grandma Michele and Papa Joe's house. It was so fun. The boys wanted to trick-or-treat all night, but good thing their pails were small and filled up quickly!
All finished and comparing treats.
Trick-or-treat! Gavin was all about it, but Parker was terrified.
Grandma Michele's neighbor gave the boys a huge candy bar. They were thrilled!

Thanks Grandma Michele for trick-or-treating with us and for having such nice neighbors.
At church the night before Halloween they had a Halloween party and trunk-or-treat. The party was amazing and trunk-or-treating is always a success.

Pre Halloween Fun with Grandma Viv

We went over to my Mom's house and made Black Cat Cupcakes, Spiderweb Pizza, and carved one last pumpkin.
Papa Jim being silly!
Parker showing us he finished his cupcake.
Gavin really enjoyed carving the pumpkins this year, and was a lot of help.
Me and my boys scraping out all the goop. Parker wanted nothing to do with it...he keep saying, "This is gross!" And it kinda is. :)

Their Ding Dong Black Cat Cupcakes.
Spiderweb Pizza.
Grandma Viv helping them decorate the cupcakes.

Bates Nut Farm

W had such a fun time going to Bates Nut Farm with our friends the Carpenter's and their cute girls. The boys had a blast running around, climbing huge walls, riding pones and playing with their friends. Overall a great day.
My Parker-poo. (2 1/2)
Gavin (4)
The crew: 6 girls and 2 boys.
Ride 'em cowboy!
Gavin's a natural!
My boys love the Carp girls. Parker kissing Kate.
Gavin getting ready to climb to WALL!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Arizona Roadtrip

We took a roadtrip with Kyle's family for Brenna's Irish Dance Competition. It was a fun excuse to get a way and play! Brenna did awesome and we are all so proud of her and her fast feet! If you have seen the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" it was totally like that!
Brenna and me! She is 13 and so talented. We love you Brenna.
We went to an abandoned old gold mining town and played. They had a mining tour, fun shops and a really tall cactus.
Me and my little men.
All of us except Kyle and Ryan. They were skateboarding...not a huge surprise. Arizona has some amazing skate they lived it up!
All of us with our little Miss Sunshine! Good job Brenna!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Papa Tony

My Grandpa...Papa Tony is such a playful, silly Papa to my boys and has always been an amazing Grandpa to me. He was the grandpa who always gave you cookies and candy and made you feel special. He has had a rough year and has become a little different and at times it has been very difficult to see him this way. He suffers from Alzheimer's Disease. It has been difficult to visit him in a care home and have to remind him who you are. Along with his Alzheimer's he also had a stroke this year causing him to mumble and have a difficult time speaking. We love him so much and really cherish the memories of who he was. This experience has helped me to value family more and enjoy the time you have with one another; and to especially make time for each other. I love you Grandpa and thank you for being so loving and kind.
My Grandma and Grandpa at my Grandma's 90th Birthday party. So grateful for this party that brought us all together. The next month his health went down hill. Thanks to my mom for having this party and giving us great photos to cherish.

Me and my Grandpa dancing at the party. He is a great dancer! I am trying to keep up.
We try to visit him once a week at the care home. The boys have been amazing! They often bring tears to my eyes at their display of compassion. They run up to Papa Tony and give him hugs and kisses with out a single prompt from me. They talk to all the other Alzheimer patients and love them as well. I always leave so proud of them and their love they show to others. Papa Tony does not recognize them and often does not even talk to them, but he is full of smiles when he sees them. I know it brightens up his week when they visit. (took pictures with my phone...not the best quality)
Gavin my love bug!
This little old lady talking to Parker runs up to us when we visit and insists that my sons are her boy friends. It is pretty funny the conversations we have with other patients. It is definitely entertaining. :)

We love you Papa Tony and look forward to seeing you soon!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The last few weeks...

Gavin's latest art work. He is doing so good coloring in the lines...he even wrote the monsters name, Bob. He is getting to be such a big boy. He wanted to hang his art work up with a bandaid...pretty good idea. :)
Parker painting with Gavin's new easel from Auntie Jen, Uncle Will, Addison and Ava. So great.
Movie time on the "couch bed" every Friday night after spin class we come home take showers, put pjs on and open up the "couch bed". The boys love it! They even have their own "TV trays".

Labor Day
We had a some friends over for a pool party and BBQ. It was super fun. Good bye summer...
The kiddies, picnic on the floor, what gets better then that?
Gavin's dive...well kinda, head first jump. He has become soooo confident in the water this summer. So great, except for the few times he has thrown-up for drinking too much water. Little fish.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kyle's Skate Video

Kyle and his friend Ryan went skateboarding at Poway Skate Park and took some video with his new Flip camera. Kyle made this video after; his first one...not too bad. :) He was skateboarding with a cracked deck the whole time. Check it out.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gavin's 4th Birthday

Happy birthday Gavin! It is soooo hard to believe my baby is 4, I know I say that every time they have another birthday, but it is going by too fast. :( Gavin is my little book worm...hence the theme for the party, "The Cat in the Hat". It was such a fun theme and allowed a lot of creativity. He had a great time, and so did we.

Thanks Gavin for being such an awesome little boy. Kyle and I often look at him (Parker too) and are so in awe of him. He is a super funny little boy, a great big brother (most of the time), a loving friend, super social and friendly, this kid will talk to anyone...a little scary, I know. We have had the stranger talk sooo many times, and he still has no fear. He is a smart little boy. He loves to read and learn. He has sooo many questions for everything and anything. If Gavin could pick his perfect day it would be: wake-up at 7am (he has an alarm clock inside of him, I swear...7am on the dot, everyday), magic pancakes for breakfast, watch Super Why on PBS Kids, read books for as long as he wants, paint outside, peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch, more books, more books, more books, skate park with Daddy, pizza for dinner and frozen yogurt for dessert, more books for bed time and a prayer and he is down for the count. I feel so blessed to have him as my son, and look at him and ask myself, "is this really my son?" He has truly melted my heart and I thank God for him each and every day. Happy Birthday Gav, Mommy loves you!

Thing 1 (he picked out his shorts, they are pajama shorts...silly)

Thing 1 and Thing 2 with Grandma and Papa
The cupcakes...white chocolate covered oreo's (a pain to make) and lifesavers for the hat. Yum!
Green Eggs and Ham. I think people were a little afraid of the green eggs, I liked them. The ham was prosciutto pizza.
Fruit parfaits (cat in the hats hat...)
Tie Dye shirts. They turned out amazing!

Auntie Alie and Eddie

Kyle as the Cat in the Hat. He read "The Cat in the Hat" before cake and presents.

Their tie dye shirts. So great. They want to wear them everyday! :)