Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Parker 8 Weeks

My baby is already 8 weeks old. It is totally flying by. He is such a great baby. He sleeps for 6 hours at night, and after I feed him, he will sleep another 3. He is super happy and now laughs; it is the best. We went to the doctor last week and he is enormous. Gavin was always scrawny...very low percentile...Parker is another story. He was off the charts for length, 24 1/4 inches, he grew three and a half inches in 7 weeks. For weight he was 12.5 lbs, he gained 4 pounds. He is 95% for weight and off the charts for length. Gavin was always 20th for weight and 80th for length. Gavin better watch out Parker is going to pay him back for all the early torture. 

Today we went to the Wild Animal Park. It was really fun. Right when we parked the car and I unloaded the boys into the stroller I discovered that we only had one crock for Gavin. Where was his other shoe. I know we put both on before we left the house. I looked all throughout the car, no crock! Do we just bail and go home, or does Gavin go without shoes? Well we were already there, so he went without shoes. We looked in all the gift shops for shoes and they had flip flops, but they were $20 and this kid already has 3 pairs AT HOME! So thank goodness Gavin was in an obedient mood and stayed in the stroller the whole time! We then went on the tram ride. I don't know what I was thinking. All by myself with Gavin and Parker. My brilliant idea was to take the tram ride and nurse Parker, and Gavin would be somewhat restrained. Oh no! I am nursing Parker and Gavin is jumping on the seat and straddling the door saying "ye ha Mommy, like a horse!" I am trying to grab Gavin, not laugh at his silly comment as well as not completely expose my boob! These poor people must have thought I was crazy! It was fun, it really was. I am still trying to figure out outings with 2 boys!

I love being a mom! It is the hardest most rewarding profession. As we got home from the WAP I put Gavin down and played with Parker. Gavin starts screaming and yells, "Mommy!" I give him a few minutes and then realize he is really upset and overtired. I jump in bed with him and snuggle him until he falls asleep. Both boys are now sound asleep. It is in those little moments of responding to a crying baby or a scared toddler, and knowing that you are the only one who can calm them. It is not Daddy or anyone else, your kids always want Mommy; well for now anyways. I will take all those moments in and store them in my heart for the teenage years when they will be too cool for me and I no longer will be the most important person in their life. They will find another women to love, and I will be left in the dust! Oh man! The Trace Atkins song is so true..."You're going to wish these days hadn't gone by so fast." Enjoy your little ones!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gavin 's Questionnaire

Parker Smiling

I don't know what it is, but Kyle can make the boys laugh more than me. They love their Daddy. Parker is smiling all the time and starting to laugh. It is so much fun!
Daddy and Parker. 7 Weeks Old.
Daddy and Gavin. 7 Weeks Old.
Parker, 7 Weeks.
Gavin 7 Weeks.

My Little Gardner

We went to my Mom's house yesterday to go swimming and stay cool. After we got done swimming we took off Gavin's swim suit and he ran free...with nothing on, as you can see. My little free spirit.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Utah Weekend

We went to Utah for the weekend to attend a wedding of Kyle's friend from his mission. It was beautiful and very fun. Gavin and Parker enjoyed themselves and stayed very busy, especially during the night. Gavin did not like to sleep in his own bed, so both nights decided to wake up and cry for us at 4am (or mornings, I guess). Thank goodness we had a king bed because Gavin likes to sleep horizontally, often kicking one of us in the gut. Parker was good, being a newborn he got up once at 3am. That seems to be his trend. I feed him at 8:30 pm and he sleeps until 3am, eats and goes back to sleep with in 30 minutes. He is awesome. He will usually continue to sleep until 7am. I guess I do not have too much to whine about. All in all it was a fun weekend. I always enjoy going away as a family because we get Kyle all to ourselves. No surf or skateboarding distractions. Perfect! Thank goodness for camera phones. I forgot our camera so I used my cell phone to take all of these pictures.

Gavin in the airplane in his OWN seat. Our little boy is now a BIG boy.

Ride that tiger.

Mommy and Parker (6 1/2 weeks). He looks so cute in his little trucker hat.

Gav and Daddy. Not the best picture of Kyle.

Gavin has a little battle wound on his chin He was playing 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed(one of his favorite songs) and took it too literally and bonked his own head, chin. Poor guy. On our way out the door to the rehearsal dinner Gavin hit his head, resulting in a crying scream for 10 minutes and an ugly cut. Way to make a first impression. We think he had a mild concussion, he slept for about an hour after. He fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep on the ground during the dinner until dessert came. It made for an interesting evening, kind of nice actually because he was quiet and sleeping during most of the dinner. Am I a bad Mom to think that?

Gavin loves the animals...Daddy to. They look so intrigued.

Holding both boys. A usually occurrence. Gavin my little snuggler.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Silly Morning

Gavin and Parker. Gavin's favorite thing is to climb in Parker's crib with him. He gets a little too excited and climbs on top of Parker yelling, "snuggle!" This kid is so full of love for his brother it is pretty sweet.
I was TRYING to put away the clothes, and Gavin found Daddy's shirt and wanted to put it on, so we did. Gavin also loves Daddy's cowboy hat. (A gift from a family on his mission in Texas) 
Such a BIG hat!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Parker 6 Weeks Old

Parker is a super content baby, Gavin was the same way. I am so lucky!!!! He is beginning to smile, but is very stingy on who he shares them with. He is a very strong baby, and big too, 12 pounds. We love him so much and can not imagine life without him. Happy 6 Week Birthday!

Mother's Day

I love being a Mom! My boys are the best; I honestly could not ask for anything different. And Kyle is the best Daddy and husband...hey, it isn't Father's Day! So...on Saturday I had a mini day of pampering. I had an hour massage, thanks Kyle and a manicure and pedicure, thanks Mom and Dad. It was nice to get a way from reality for a little while. We celebrated on Saturday with my Mom and Sunday with Kyle's.

Kyle with his sister his Coryne, brothers, Eric and Sean, Gavin and Sean's son, Finn (8 months).
I have my 'hooter hider' still on. The life of a Mom.
Sean and Brooke and Finn.
Finn and Parker.
Sean and Parker.
Grandma Michele and Finn.
Mother's Day was more complete because we were able to talk to Kyle's brother Ryan who is serving a mission in Mexico. It was awesome to talk to him and hear his struggle with the English language. He said he only talks in English for an hour a week...crazy. We love him so much and miss him, especially during family gatherings. We had a great day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Random Pictures

At the park for Friday play group. 
Ride 'em cowboy! Gavin loved the horse.
My boys after our jog.
Pushing a double jogger while trying to run hills is a crazy work-out. 
Parker, my perfect baby. He is so good. He is a very sleepy baby, as you can see. Parker is 5 and a half weeks old.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gavin's OWN Photo Shoot

My handsome little man. He is a ball of energy and a constant comedian. We are sure he is going to be the class clown. Oh and he knows he is hot stuff. We sure feel blessed to have him. He has made our lives a lot happier. We love you Baby G, Gabino and Gav.  

Parker's 1 Month Photo Shoot...Gavin too!

I decided to take pictures of my boys. It sounded like a great idea...until Gavin decided (yes I am sure he knows what he is doing) to practically ripped Parker's face off. That is his favorite torture technique. Parker makes a yell for help and sweet little Gavin begins to laugh with pleasure. This kid sure can put up a sweet front, you would never know he had an evil side to him, unless you were around him and his brother and were there to witness his constant torture. Kyle and I are beginning to realize Parker's adaption to it. Yes, he realized if he wants to survive he needs to toughen up and he has. My poor innocent child.

Parker's barely hanging on.
So sweet.
Gavin saying, "Ahhhh..."
Hey blue eyes.
Parker is a balding adolescent. Poor child. One day your zits will pass!
We love you Parker. He is such a great baby. He slept 8 hours last night. I think he is aware that I hate getting up, but I do also enjoy it because it is my special alone time with Parker. This sacred time does not come around enough, which I feel bad about...but what do you do with two boys under 2 years old? Parker is a very easy baby. He only cries when he is hungry, otherwise he is grunting or asleep. He is our little grunter. He grunts when he has to poop or burp. We love him so much and are having a lot of fun with him. I guess they are right when they say you have enough love to go around for the second child.