Friday, January 20, 2012

Daddy and His BOYS!

Gavin and Daddy (6 weeks)

Parker and Daddy (6 weeks)

Cooper and Daddy (7 weeks)

I think Cooper wins the chub contest! Kyle can make the boys smile more then anyone. They sure love their Daddy.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cooper's Smiling at 5 Weeks Old!


Gavin is such a great helper. He is always willing to get me a diaper or a pacifier for Cooper, or just hold him so I can take a much needed shower. I knew he would be great, but he is way better then I anticipated.
Parker loves Cooper and especially loves to hold him, even to my surprise. Whenever I am in the other room and Cooper starts to make the littlest cry, Parker immediately picks Cooper up and walks him to me. It freaked me out the first time...but I have to say he does pretty well.

Life! Parker with out clothes and only in his underwear, and Kyle with his nose in a book studying.

With their Paper Jam guitars from Grandma and Papa Carnohan.

Making the annual gingerbread house. Very creative!

Christmas Morning

My sweet boys! Gavin 5 and a half, Parker 3 and three quarters, and Cooper almost 4 weeks.

Santa came!

Stocking were a little too heavy to hang. :)

Gavin insisted on leaving Santa a healthy snack, apple and berries with a cold glass of milk. He said Santa is too fat and needs to eat better. Poor kid! I hope Kyle and I being fitness freaks is only leaving a positive impression? And carrots and "magic reindeer food" for the reindeer's.

Santa brought very educational presents this year...yipee, no more junk!

Pattern puzzles too

and fun!

New slippers for those cold winter nights.

A boy magnetic dress-up doll.

And a different one for Parker. They are completely obsessed with these dolls. They play with them constantly.

A butterfly garden.

And Lite Bright. Also a favorite.

Mini Cooper cars from their GG in Washington. So cute.

Daddy and Cooper.

Parker's favorite present...ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH! Every time he goes potty he now brushes his teeth, about 6 times a day, at least. No cavities for this kid.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cooper's 1st Month

1 week old, 9lb 14 oz
2 weeks old, 10lb. 5oz.
3 weeks old, 10lb. 15oz.
4 weeks old, 11lb. 7oz.

We are loving our little Cooper. He is quite the chunk, I guess Mama's milk is doing his body good. He is a very content baby, he really only makes a fuss if he is hungry or has a burp or gas. It is easy to fix him and make him happy again. He just started smiling, pretty much on his 1 month birthday. He is making eye contact and is very attentive. He loves to be held and constantly switched around to different positions. Cooper is also a pretty good sleeper at night. He has a long snooze from 8pm to 1am and then from there on is hungry every 3 hours, like clock work. We can not get enough of him, especially the boys. They are such good helpers and are always eager to hold him. Life is great and we feel so blessed to have our 3 healthy boys.