Sunday, May 31, 2009

Safety City

Gavin had a little Daddy date with Kyle. Gavin was so excited and could not wait to have Daddy all to himself. Kyle had to volunteer through his paramedic school. It was called "Safety City", which was created to inform parents about accidents that happen that can and should be prevented. The little kids got to ride in a car and obey all the stop signs and things like that. Gavin loved it and was really excited to help...that is what they were there to do!
Taking his lunch break.
Helping the little ones get their cars goin'.
Enjoying his responsibility. The big brother in him.
Nice ride!
Gavin and Kyle had some fun together and enjoyed their alone time! Gavin is a total Daddy's boy so this was much needed; now he will be talking about this for the months to come! Parker spent the day with Grandma Michele while I went to 2 trainings for work. Both boys had their special one and one time!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dinosaurs at the Wild Animal Park

We went to the Wild Animal Park today. They have a Dinosaur Exhibit, and it was so cool. Gavin loved it, and Parker was a little scared when the dinosaurs roared. It was crazy, they moved, roared and everything. We had a great time, as you can see!
Parker's silly face. Sorry it is so close-up, every time I get the camera Parker comes right up to it and smiles!
With the T-Rex. It was huge. I don't think this picture gives it justice. It was pretty scary to hear this one roar. No wonder this guy was the king of the dinosaurs. 
Gavin was in heaven. We have been watching the "Land Before Time" and Gavin loved to see Littlefoot, Spike and all the little dinosaurs at the WAP in real life.
This one was so cute. There was a little "nest", or whatever dinosaurs used for their eggs, full of hatching baby dinosaurs. 
They had these little"Dino Mountain Passports" for the kids to stamp each dinosaur they saw. Gavin took this responsibility very seriously. He even stamped all over his arms! Too fun!
"Mom, can you hear that?!"
Happy Parker, a little sunburned from playgroup at the park. Mom forgot to put sunscreen on.
Gavin was a little scared to sit on the animals, so we opted to sit on the nest instead. He was a little over tired. It spun like the tea cups at Disneyland. So I think it was way more fun the the usual carousel ride.

And the famous Rhino!

The last MONTH!

I have been so bad lately! I have not posted a single thing in almost a month. We have been busy. We are moving out of my parents house in the next week and living at my Grandma's house ("GG" s house, as Gavin says). She is moving in with my aunt all the way in Colorado. We are sad that she is going so far away, and of course, since she has been gone, we wished we would have spent more time with her. She was excited to go live with my Aunt, and have companionship. So we are moving into her house in Escondido, 4 miles from my parents. She has been so generous to allow us to live at her beautiful, CLEAN, white carpet house. We are so excited to be on our own again, but it is bitter sweet. It has been so nice living with my parents and getting to spend a lot of time with them. The boys have loved it. They have been so welcoming to us and allowing us to intrude their also, clean beautiful home. We can not express our great gratitude and appreciation. They made our life, and situation much more bearable. 

Kyle, is busy as ever, and will be for the next year (at least) until he finds a job as a fireman. He started Paramedic School a few weeks ago, and is loving it. I am constantly impressed with him and his focus. He knows what he has to do and puts everything into that task. He is working as an EMT still, but bored of the simple calls. He can not wait to become a paramedic and get some nearly 911 calls. Right now his schedule is: Sunday, church then works at 12 pm-10:30 pm. Comes home studies then sleeps and wakes up at 3:15 am to go to work at 4:30 am-2:00 pm. Skateboards, then comes home to study until bed time. Tuesdays, Paramedic School 10:00 am-7:00 pm. Wednesdays, work 8:00 am-6:00 pm. studies then bed. Thursdays Paramedic School 10am-7pm, then Rainbow Fire Department 7pm-11pm. Fridays work 8:00am-7:00pm. Saturdays either a Paramedic ride-a-long, 24 hour shift, or school or Fire Department. Then the week starts up again. In the middle of all that he has a wife and two needy boys who, when Daddy is home are all about their Daddy. So studying is tricky, but he is excelling, and I can not say it enough of how proud I am of him! 

I am pretty busy as well. I am teaching classes at LA Fitness, as most of you know, and completely loving it. I teach Spin, Pilates and Bodyworks (weight training class). It is the best thing ever. I have been teaching on average 8 classes a week. I get my work-out in and get paid for it as well as a free gym membership and childcare. Perfect. I am also studying to get my Personal Training  Certification. I am taking my test next month and am really excited to work with people one on one and help them transform their lives. Exercise and Nurtrition are so important to me and I just love teaching people about it. I am a little bit of a "gym rat", but hey we all have our little addictions! :) I am loving hanging out with my little guys. They keep me busy, life is pretty great!

Gavin, is Mr. Smarty Pants. He is just a little book worm. Kyle and I joke because the two things we hear all day is "Watch this" and "Read this". He is constantly showing us a cool trick or wants us to read to him. In his perfect day someone would be reading to him all day and giving him fruit snacks! He is so smart. I know I am his Mom, but serious. I have no idea where he comes from! He knows almost all of his letters and what they say, as well as what animal or thing starts with that letter. Today at the gym he was talking to his little friend Jonah, and Gavin said, J-j-j-Jonah. Jonah starts with J! It cracks me up. He is such a little sponge, for example he picked up on the work "freakin'" and says it all the time. "Mom, read this freakin' book to me, geez." One of his favorite sayings. He is a super good kid. He is a great listener and very sensitive. We love our little Gav!

Parker, is getting so big. I was just looking at him the other day, and realized he is quickly growing out of that baby stage. He looks like a little boy now! He started walking on Mother's Day, and juat with in the last few days has decided that walking his solely him mode of transportation. No more Mommy holding this little squirmer. It is the cutest thing. I am still not use to it though. It makes me stop and smile at him. I am not sure I am ready for him to be all over and independent. He is the sweetest baby, always smiling. He also is super friendly. When we go to the store, he is saying "hi" to everyone. If they do not respond, he will keep saying it. I love it! He is starting to copy Gavin and beginning to develop that big brother admiration. It is pretty cute to see them interact and "communicate", Parker style. He loves being outside and hates to come in. He is all about hands-on, in the dirt, touching everything; very curious. We love him so much and a little sad to watch him grow up into a little boy!

So, as you can see we are busy, and happy. Life is not going to get us down, regardless of our challenges. We have two beautiful boys who keep us focused on what really!  

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"It rose from the dead..."

On Easter we explained to Gavin how Jesus died for us to wash away our sins, but then he rose from the dead, and lives again in Heaven with Heavenly Father. And we will see him again. So now everything is dying and rising again. We try to go to the Escondido Farmer's Market as often as we can and there is a Reptile Haven store. Gavin and Parker love the snakes, turtles, lizards and frogs....boys! So after our adventures we got in the car and Gavin started telling me a story. 

Gavin, "Mommy, guess what?"
Me, "What?" 
"All of a sudden the snake bit me."
"Really, are you okay?"
"Yeah, but then all of a sudden it died."
"But it rose from the dead and it is good now."

He is cracking me up with his imagination. He is always telling me some story, or he is a bad guy or a superhero. Yesterday, he trapped himself and said, "the bad guys trapped me." Our home has a fine line between reality and fantasy. I am loving this age!

Friday, May 1, 2009

RVFD Academy Graduation

Kyle finished his Rainbow Valley Fire Department Fire Academy on Thursday after 13 long weeks. We are so proud of him! They had a graduation ceremony to recognize them and their accomplishments. They also had a award for the Outstanding Recruit. It was voted on by the other recruits...and Kyle received that award. So proud of him. It was a fun night. Way to go honey! By the way, you are one HOT FIREMAN!

The recruits waiting outside for their grand entrance!

Gavin and Parker both fell asleep on the drive up. Gavin stayed asleep until we finally woke him up! They are so sweet when they sleep.
RVFD Academy 09-01!
Receiving their new badge, and new shirt.
Receiving his Outstanding Recruit Award.
So military; walking in a straight line...left, right, left. So professional.
Kyle and his boys. One hot fireman, I have to say!
Showing Gavin the trucks. Gavin was so excited to go to the fire department and see the "fire trucks and Daddy's friends."
The boys were a little distracted.
Good job Gav! Drive that truck. He had to sit and explore every fire engine...all 5!

Nice face Parker.

They are so cute! I  love how Gavin always wants to hold Parker's hand.

Fireman Gavin!