Monday, July 26, 2010

Mt. Shasta and Redding

Silly Papa
Me and my little men! Love them!!!

Me and me mom. I just realized we do look alike. Everyone tells me that, but now I kinda see it.
With Papa and Grandma

Auntie Jen!

Gavin drew this on our way to go see the Bonds. He was so excited to see them, he could hardly take it.


Road trip to Puget Sound! Wahoo! You would think I was crazy, in the car with a 2 year old and 3 year old for 24 hours, but it was awesome. The boys were incredible, almost perfect...really! I was expecting the worst, and they did great. I had a reward bag for them, and every couple hours if they were good they could open a present. The gifts ranged from masks, hats, coloring books, puzzles, treats, etc. It worked, they wanted to open a present.

So as you can see from the pictures I traveled with Kyle's family without him. He is in the middle to end of his internship for Paramedic School and could not be gone for 11 days. The boys and I had so much fun, but missed Kyle like crazy, and he really missed us.

We stayed at this amazing beach house on Puget Sound. It was Michele's (Kyle's Mom) cousin. It was incredible, seriously out of a home decorating magazine. Gavin and Parker loved to walk along the water and throw rocks, roast marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire, go on the boat, and so much more. It was a great trip and now I know my kids can travel!

We stayed in Washington for 5 days then headed back down. We got dropped off at my sister Jen's house in Redding and hung-out with them for 5 days. Too much fun. We went to the lake, pool and enjoyed each other. Such a great break from the day to day routine, and really special to see everyone.

Packed in the car, nice and tight! :)
Uncle Ryan, Gavin, Auntie Brenna and Auntie Coryne
Great Grandpa Harry being silly.

Parker giving GG loves.
GG and her great-grand children.
Deer, right outside the house.
On the porch swing ready for the firework show. It was amazing. I have never seen a real, home done fireworks show. It was awesome. The boys could not get enough of it.
More Parker snuggles for Karin
Boys first boat ride.
Parker and his firework tattoo.
Gavin my entertainer. Break dancing for everyone.
Making everyone laugh, doing the crazy robot dance.
Family meeting, vote for next family reunion.

Karin, me, Shelly, Amber, and Shirley

Kites with Coryne

Last Day of Preschool/Ceremony

1st "report card"
With his teachers: Miss Rebecca and Miss Julie

With his little buddy Mason
With Nathan

Boys Being Boys

Awesome Popsicle holders, amazing!
New "pool"

Being silly in the car.
Crazy hat day at pre-school
Superheros 24/7 in our house.
"Toy Story" Gavin with Brenna
Parker ready for the movie to start.