Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why are children STARVING to DEATH???????

I don't know if any of you watched 60 Minutes today, but Anderson Cooper did a segment on malnutrition. Kyle, Gavin and I were eating dinner while we watched this awful reality, feeling a little guilty and spoiled. We learned that 20 million children are suffering from severe malnutrition, and one child every 6 seconds dies from malnutrition. What a stupid, preventable death. We were so affected by this that we decided to donate. I attached the video from 60 Minutes watch the video about the 'miracle food' and then go to the Doctors Without Borders website, and on there you can donate. We are just starting out small. We decided to sponsor 2 children at $7.50/month per child which will provide this child with 2 nutritious meals a day (equivalent to 25 cents per day), and $15/month will provide 40 refugees with fresh water.  I think we live in country that is so isolated from reality. We stuff our faces every meal, take warm baths, go to the doctor, drive nice cars, and go to bed in a nice comfortable home every night. We are living a perfect life while poor women, men and children are starving. How is that fair? I know many of you can spare a few dollars and save a child's life. Check out this video and see for yourself. 

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

My boys are tired! This heat wave is working them over. I'm sure our house has something to do with it...broken air conditioner! Our house right now is 86 degrees! It sucks!

Parker can only fall asleep when he is swaddled...or I guess if I rock him, but who has time for that. So I have to swaddle him super tight and put the blanket up high enough to keep his pacifier in his mouth. I know it sounds like I am torturing him, but it works! Please don't report me to CPS!
Gavin fell asleep in his high chair. This is a first. Poor child has jelly all over his face and hands. So me being a little OCD had to wipe it all off before I put him in his bed. He woke-up startled, but then closed his eyes and crashed on his bed. 

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sea World

Gavin and cousin Addison (5 months older)
Both boys are having a fit...please...we are at Sea World get over it!
Brenna, Gavin, Grandma Viv, Auntie Jen, Addison, and Uncle Will
Parker was so good cooped up in the stroller and the Baby Bjorn. He rocks!
Playing with Auntie Brenna!
Wrestling with Uncle Will. Gavin is all about wrestling, but does not understand that most kids do not like it. So thanks Uncle Will for being so playful! Maybe no more watching UFC Fights for Gavin! Crazy kid!

This is a video of Gavin and Shamu. You can observe Shamu underneath before you head to the show. The boys were so excited about seeing Shamu so close up that we almost missed the show. It was really cute. They were not scared at all, I thought they would be...hello a huge whale?!

We had such a great time. It was Gavin's first trip to Sea World, and he loved it. My sister, Jennifer, and her husband, Will, and their 2 year old son, Addison, are in town so they joined us. My mom, Grandma Viv, also came along with Kyle's little sister, Brenna, who just graduated from 5th grade. It was a big group, but a lot of fun. We saw the Dolphin Show, Shamu Show, Shark Encounter, Penguin Exhibit, Sesame Street Splash Zone, Elmo Movie in 4-D and more. The boys had a blast and so did the adults. We got a season pass, so I am sure we will go again, hopefully with Daddy!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mr. Dimple's

Parker has the BEST dimples. 

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Gavin wearing Mommy's hat with sand all over his face! Last summer he was only 9 months old when he first really discovered sand. He loved to shove it into his mouth. And this summer has been no different. I don't know if he is lacking minerals or what, but this kid craves sand. 
Daddy and Gav. So cute!
Gavin modeling his new wetsuit. He loves it and hates to take it off!

Beach weather is finally here! So the Carnohan Family took advantage of it. Kyle has been working some pretty long hours lately; consequently, we have not been able to spend enough time together as a family. So we started the day off at 9:30 am for breakfast at the Long Boarder Cafe on Coast Highway then headed off to the beach. Going to the beach with kids is an adventure. I had Parker strapped on in the Baby Bijorn, beach chair strapped to my back, umbrella on one shoulder, beach bag on the other and sand toys in hand. Kyle had 2 surfboards (why I do not know?), pack-n-play, and Gavin. We looked like we were moving to the beach...crazy! All in all it was a beautiful day and we had a great time spending it together as a family.