Thursday, February 11, 2010


Gavin showing his excitement!........
.......Parker too!.......
......and crazy Daddy!
We made it!

Trying to take a picture.

Tarzan's tree house

Such a handsome husband.

Oh the teacups. Parker got a little queezy, Kyle spun it a litle too fast.

The end. The boys loved Disneyland, and we did too. We got there when it opened and left when it closed, enough said. We did everything we could; Gavin was 1 inch too small for all the big boy rides, but didn't seem to care. We can't wait to go again! Thanks Grandma Michele and Papa Joe for the tickets!

Parker in a BIG Boy bed!

My baby is now in a big boy bed! I know I probably jump the gun and transition my kids into a big boy bed early (Gavin in a big bed at 18 months, Parker at 22 months), but I hate cribs! Changing the crib sheet is the worse.....So Parker is now officially a BIG boy. He loves his bed, I think mostly for the freedom and because him and Gavin have the same bed. (I will show pictures of their room when I am done with it!). Every morning at 3:00am he comes into our bed. Kinda annoying, but at least we do not have to get a crying, crib bound baby! We went to the doctor on Friday and these are his stats: 24 lb. 13 oz., 34.5 inches. Tall and skinny!

Parker is probably the cutest, sweetest kid! He is a snuggler and quite the little talker, as of a few weeks ago. He is talking up a storm, and is so proud of himself. We love him so much and are kind of sad he will be 2 next month. Boohoo...