Thursday, March 24, 2011

My little silly men!

At Daddy's Firestation!

Gavin using the hose. (By the way they were squirting my car!)
Parker's turn! So focused.


Sleepy heads
"Stop Veggie abuse!" Kyle and Gavin made this pick-it sign and Gavin was shouting, 'Stop veggie abuse'. It was pretty silly, especially when he started to go out in the front yard and shout it. Crazy kid.
Kids only skatepark night in Poway. The boys were tearing it up!


Better LATE then NEVER

Christmas was awesome! We took pictures with Kyle's phone and finally took them off. We had a wonderful day and the boys totally enjoyed themselves.
Santa delivered!
and he ate his cookie and drank his milk.
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care.
Auntie Alie, Uncle Greg and Auntie Sarah came over to watch the boys open their presents.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

FREE Museum Tuesday and Balboa Park

I love free Tuesdays at the museums. The boys love the Natural History museum with the dinosaurs and now they have snakes and lizards there too. Needless to say, it is a boys dream. It was a beautiful day so we went to play at the huge park in Balboa Park. Great afternoon with my little me.

Walk to Grandma and Papa's house

Gavin has been asking to walk to Grandma's house for a few months now, and so we finally did. The weather was a little chilly and the rain was to come any time so we walked quick, and beat the rain by just a few hours. It is about a 3 mile walk and pretty hilly, especially hard when you are pushing a 25 lbs. stroller, and two 3o+ lbs. boys. But all in all it was a lot of fun!
They had to bring their "tough guys" along for the ride.
Running to the finish line!
We made it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rainy Day at PlayWerx

It was a rainy Saturday and Kyle was working so we decided, since Mommy doesn't have to teach on Saturdays anymore, to play! It was so fun. We stayed for 3 hours and loved every second of it, even Mommy.

Gavin swinging.

Parker swinging.

Valentine's Day Treat

For Family Home Evening, every Monday night, we do a fun craft and lesson either about Jesus, another important person or we talk about Christlike attributes. Since this FHE was on Valentine's Day we talked about loving one another... and made a heart-shaped brownie to go with the lesson. :) So fun. The boys look forward to this every week.
Gavin is very serious about decorating his heart.
Parker would rather skip the hard work and just enjoy the treat.
Daddy had fun too. :)