Saturday, April 25, 2009

Skatepark FUN!

Kyle came home early so we decided to enjoy the nice weather and go to the skatepark as a family. Since Kyle is gone a lot we need to use every minute we have together, so here you go. We went to the Pala Indian Reservation Skatepark, so fun. There was only us, and one other guy, so Gavin had a lot of fun skateboarding! Parker just liked to go up and down the little ramps and play with everything he could get his hands on. He is a busy, busy boy. This is my future, sitting at the skateparks and watching my boys tear it up! 

In the pool, Gavin is totally in his element!
So cute. This pool is probably almost 8 feet deep. Gavin is pretty brave!
Hanging-out waiting for his turn. The whole time Kyle is skating, Gavin is asking, "Is it my turn yet?" Gavin has been addicted to skateboarding since he was 11 months and we had one in the backyard! I guess he didn't have a choice! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009



Ok, so I am really starting to feel bad about how awful I am to our beautiful Earth. After reflecting on Earth Day I realized there is a lot of things I need to do to be a better...Earth dweller (for lack of a better word!) Recycling is easy. You put the plastics, paper and glass in the bins...great, but there is so much more we can do. I need to stop using plastic shopping bags! That means I need to be organized and put reusable shopping bags in the car and bring them into the store, that is the hard part. I have good intensions, but I am always forgetting!

I have been using cloth diapers for almost 6 months now, and solely for selfish reasons...diapers are so much money! I love them, my family may not, but I feel so good about them when I put them on Parker! I feel like I am contributing to my personal campaign!

I have now increased my go green to cloth, reusable wipes. I figured I am using so many wipes and throwing those away...why not just use them and then wash them. 
I know it may should gross, but I also got this attachable hose sprayer thing to attach to the toilet. So you spray all the poop in to the toilet; you can even swirl the diaper around in the toilet so it is pre rinsed and then it is way less gross. Hey stop you grimace face! Sometimes the best thing is hard! Now I don't even care! :) 

Next! No more Ziploc Bags! We use so many in our house! So I am going to only use re-useable containers. It will save us so much money!

Also, I will try to buy as many things I can from used stores. Since we are so poor right now, this is a necessity! I am excited about it. There are some really cute used baby stores out there. My favorite is La Costa Kids in Encinitas. And there are some awesome consignment stores for me too. So here I go...reduce, REUSE!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Summer Weather in April!

What a beautiful Saturday. I decided to take full advantage of the warm weather and go swimming! My Dad and I took Gavin and Parker to my parents timeshare in Carlsbad, (Grand Pacific Palisade's) right next to Legoland! It was so fun. They have this awesome kiddie pool area with a little water play area and huge pool. Parker was my little fish. I dunked him, and everything and he was full smiles. Gavin hates to be cold, so he enjoyed the hot tub much better then the pool, where he was shivering! Poor skinny boy. We also hung-out at the little park area. It was so fun, and beautiful. Loving the summer weather in April.

Gavin loves the park, especially for the slides and swings. 
Parker enjoys the park for the discoveries! "What that?"
He is my little sweetie! He is getting too big. : (
Dragging Gavin through the water sprayers. He is such a woos (sp?)! What kid does not like shooting water? Well that would be Gavin..."It's too cold Mommy!" Come on, get over it! I am so sympathetic!
His look of concern!
Ahhh...the hot tub, that is what it is all about.
Parkey and Papa. Thanks for your help Dad! It was so fun.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Eggs...

I forgot to bring the camera out until almost the end of Easter...shoot! These are a few pictures I got of our mini egg hunt. Gavin liked the competitive aspect of the hunt, and Parker liked to suck on them! To each their own...I guess!
Caught Gavin before the act of smacking Parker. Will they ever learn?
Parker's mouth all blue from sucking on the egg.


Spiderman! He lives and breathes super heroes, especially Spiderman!
Parker and GG. Walk son, walk!

He found one!
On a mission.
Nice job Gav!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Gavin started Karate last week. He is loving it! I had to get him a little uniform! He is the smallest, but super coordinated. My little Karate Kid!
I know it is blurry, my battery was dying. It is a super cute picture.
Gavin with Miss Leah. Front Kick...
Balance Beam with different kicks.
What a good listener, I was so surprised! Way to go Gavin!

The Last Few Days!

Wild Animal Park with DADDY!
Kyle took the afternoon off from studying to join us for hour almost weekly trip to the WAP(after working a 10 hour shift which started at midnight and ended right before we left for the WAP!). We had a great time with each other, and the boys loved having Daddy there too!
Lion Camp! Gavin liked the Daddy lion with the bloody bone, what a boy!
The Mommy lion pacing back and forth at the window eyeing the little children. You know she wishes she could just get to them and enjoy an easy catch! The boys loved watching the lion so close!
Me and Parker
Parker doing what he does! He sat so contently in the stroller the entire time. Just give him some food and he is golden! Gavin on the other hand...we have to practically force feed him!
Gavin and Daddy. Gavin is a total Daddy's boy. When Dad is home...forget you Mom!

We're Ready For Summer....BUT It's not Ready for US!
I thought it would be fun to go swimming. The weather has been so warm...well not the pool. We went over to my parents community pool, and it was freezing, probably 65 degrees. Gavin being a good sport, jumped into the little pool anyways! It was about a foot and a half, so he enjoyed running around. Parker participated too. Tough kids! We want summer to come!
Parker loved splashing...just like in the bath!
...and discovering his new environment!
I was so impressed with him, I could barely put my feet in for more than 15 seconds, and Gav played for about an hour.
Happy too!
Grandma Michele and Papa Joe's House
Uncle Eric's 18th Birthday was on Sunday, so we went over to celebrate. I realized I have none of Eric...sorry birthday boy! It is always fun to see everyone and spend time together. I feel so blessed to have both of our families close by. The kids love all their Aunties and Uncles and both Grandparents close, and so do I! We had fun and stayed for over 8 hours, so hard to go!
Grandma Michele
Auntie Brooke and Finn!
Gavin and Brenna took a long nap together, so cute! Thanks Brenna for always helping with the boys, they sure love you!
Parker + Oreo = MESS!
At the little community park.
Just walk already!
Finn was so cute going up and down the little step!
My Parkey-Poo
Slide! A little hesitant at the beginning, but then loved it!