Friday, February 13, 2009

Movin' On......

So long home! We are pretty much all moved out, and before we leave I just wanted to create a tribute to 325 Hutchison for all the memories, big and small. As many of you know we are short-selling both of our homes. It is a bittersweet experience. We love both of our homes and the memories we have created there, but things have changed. As I am sure most of you have been affected by this economy as well. No need to mope, life goes on, and with it brings many new opportunities, that could have very well been missed if this did not happen to us. We are so grateful for this trial in our lives, because it has given us a new focus and direction. I really feel guilty calling it a trial, because it so is not! We are so blessed to live in the United States of America, and I think too many of us, including ourselves, have been so caught up in what we need and what we do not have, instead of focusing on what great things we have in our lives. Hello! We have plumbing, fresh water, food, a home with a roof over our heads, a heater, families who love us, and most of all a Heavenly Father who loves us and is so aware of us and our needs. So please do not feel pitty on us or our situation, instead think about your life and what amazing things you have that you may have taken for granted.

We are excited about our future. Kyle is focused on his dream fantasy, as a firemen. He completed his EMT classes in only 10 weeks and received his certificate, Got into Paramedic School (which will start in May), got an EMT job, and just got a position as a volunteer firemen for the Rainbow Fire Department! I am so proud of him. He inspires me to look at what I really want and go after it! He is super busy, but so happy and relieved to leave the behind the desk job and do a job that focuses on service, which is what is really important to him. I am so lucky to have him!

I just finished all my classes to become a group fitness instructor at the gym. I am so excited to start teaching indoor cycling and the group resistance training class. It has always been a passion of mine, and I can not wait to begin!

The boys are growing and are so amazing. They bring such pure joy into our lives. They are enjoying living at Grandma Viv and Papa Jim's house. Whenever we get in the car and leave, to run to the store or gym, Gavin always yells, "I want to go back to Grandma and Papa's!" I am glad that they are so young, and really do not notice the crazy change that is happening!

Kyle and I feel extremely blessed to have my parents to take us in, and let us crash at their home until things get a little better! We have pretty much taken over their beautiful, clean, quiet home. Now there is toys everywhere and early rising kids to wake them up from a nice tranquil sleep! Thanks so much, I seriously can not express into words how grateful we are to you, Mom and Dad, for opening up your home and lives to us! You are truly selfless and loving. We love you and thank you more than we can say for all you have done for us! We will take you both in when you are super old and crazy! I promise.

Well here is a few things we will miss...

Fireplace and Naked Boy!
Halloween...Batman and Robin!
Skateboarding in his...strange attire!
Learning how to skateboard with Daddy!
Playing with the hose. Seriously his favorite backyard activity!
Outside..outside and more outside...
Climbing the tree in the front of the house!
Playroom, and craft time!
Painting outside until your hearts content!
Playing with 'Nother one Parker!
Parker's first time eating solids!Parker sitting up for the first time!
Gavin's 2nd Birthday Party! (Elmo)

Preforming up-downs in the living room, on the carpet!
Bringing Parker home from the hospital!
1st time sleeping in a BIG boy bed.
Huge backyard!
Skateboarding in the backyard with Daddy whenever!
Cute porch with rocking chairs and swing!
Our pool!