Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Getting Back on the Blog Train

I am so inspired by, Stephanie Nielson. In many ways, but I am especially impressed by her daily blog. I wanted to get back into blogging again to share my daily experiences with motherhood, my marriage, my strong faith, and my knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I will try to post daily about something that happened that day or something that has been on my mind. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shark Teeth

Gavin's bottom teeth are not getting loose, and his adult teeth are coming in a shark with rows of teeth. So since he had to get two fillings the dentist just pulled his two bottom teeth out. Poor guy was so numb! He took it like a champ and his poor mouth was numb for two hours, but he was so excited to leave the dentist with two teeth for the tooth fairy.


The boys started rugby. They absolutely love it. Kyle and I know nothing about rugby, so we have been studying and trying to learn the rules. :) We also went to the CU rugby game which was amazing!

Family Fun!

Trips to the Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, skatepark, Jiu Jitsu, and brotherly love! Life is good, can't complain one bit!

Parker turns 5!!!!

Can't believe my baby is getting so old! If I could freeze time I would. :( Parker wanted to have his 5th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese like Gavin. It was a lot of fun and he had a blast!

With his new skateboard from Grandma Michele! He is shreading!!!


Cooper was not a fan of the giant, creepy Easter Bunny. He would say "hi" and give him a high five, but the minute I put him on his lap...freak out!

Coloring eggs...then eating them. :)

Easter morning fun and brunch!

Handsome boys with the now ties I sewed up the night before.

1st Day of Spring!

Really...snow!?! Colorado you're crazy. One day 70* the next snow! Colorado is like a crazy hormonal women.