Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's A Boy!

We are expecting another boy. We just found out on Friday. Kyle keeps rubbing his logic in my face..."I only make boys!" I was looking forward to proving him wrong! But regardless, we are very excited. Gavin will have a brother 19 months younger then himself. They are going to be little buddies. We decided before we were pregnant to name our next boy Parker. So that is his name! He is healthy and growing; I hope it is him, and not just me! He is really active just like Gavin was in my belly. He was pulling his ears during the ultrasound, just like Gavin does. He is super cute! We can not wait to meet him.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Love Animals!

Gavin and I went to my Dad's elementary school where he is the principal there. The kindergarten class was having an animal day. This local man brought all his reptiles and such to the school for the kids to touch and torture! The animals were very tolerant. Gavin loved all the animals. He went around pointing at each one saying, "annamahl" (animal).

With a baby toad, or some kind of frog. Gavin was game to touch every animal, except he did not want to hold the snake. I had to do the honors.

My little man.
Holding an iguana.

He loved the kangaroo. He wanted to chase it all over the auditorium. He thought it was fascinating; much more animated then the reptiles.
He gave the kangaroo a kiss on the lips, too.

A huge snake. This little kindergartner holding this massive snake. We had a great time meeting some teachers and playing with all the animals. I especially loved watching Papa show off Gavin to all the staff. Gavin preformed his elephant sound and arm gesture (for the trunk), he blew a kiss and charmed them with his contagious cuteness, I guess I am a little proud! Thanks Dad for the fun afternoon!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Little Turtle
All about the candy

With Mommy
Gavin found Grandma and Grandpa's candy stash!

Fillin' up the pumpkin bag
First door. Gavin loved trick-or-treating. He did not want it to end, but his bag was full. When they gave him the candy, he kept saying "moah" (more). So we only went to 4 houses because his bag got full so quickly. He loved it, and especially loved his costume. He wants to wear it all the time. The other day he saw his reflection of himself in his turtle costume and was cracking up. He kept walking away and then back again. It was so cute!
Grandpa Jim went with Mommy and Gavin, and we went to their neighborhood. Daddy got stuck at work! :( When I showed Kyle the video he was so sad he missed it, but what do you do. It was a fun night, especially for Gavin!