Sunday, August 14, 2011

26 week baby bump

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sick Mommy!

On Sunday I got struck with the stomach flu. I was feeling kinda sick on Saturday while we were in the OC, but Sunday during church I really felt it. I went home and with in an hour threw up 2 times. And then progressed to 4 or 5 more times on Sunday. It must have been pretty violent hacking for me to tear my right abdominal muscle. Which has caused me to have a super difficult time standing up, breathing, getting up etc. It is the worse, especially when I get muscle spasms that just won't quit. I am hoping it heals quickly because big Mama needs to get back to work at the gym and at home. Kyle has been amazing taking care of everything while I groan and complain. Heres to a speedy recovery.

OC Saturday

Thanks to my SIL Brooke for always taking pictures when we get together so there is proof of our fun time together. :) Kyle had an interview with OC Fire on Saturday, which went really well, we are anxiously waiting for the results! So we all drove up together and after the interview grubbed at Pick Up Stix and then headed to Sean and Brooke's in HB. We went down to the beach and played, while Kyle took Gavin and Parker into the waves and Gavin caught his first bodysurf wave all alone. This kid is becoming quite the fish. And Parker also enjoyed swimming under the waves with Dad. Then we went out to dinner to a yummy mexican restaurant. It was fun to catch up and the boys always love their cousin time with Finn.
My little men. They are getting so big.
Gav and Finn.
3 handsome boys.