Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's A Boy!

We are expecting another boy. We just found out on Friday. Kyle keeps rubbing his logic in my face..."I only make boys!" I was looking forward to proving him wrong! But regardless, we are very excited. Gavin will have a brother 19 months younger then himself. They are going to be little buddies. We decided before we were pregnant to name our next boy Parker. So that is his name! He is healthy and growing; I hope it is him, and not just me! He is really active just like Gavin was in my belly. He was pulling his ears during the ultrasound, just like Gavin does. He is super cute! We can not wait to meet him.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Love Animals!

Gavin and I went to my Dad's elementary school where he is the principal there. The kindergarten class was having an animal day. This local man brought all his reptiles and such to the school for the kids to touch and torture! The animals were very tolerant. Gavin loved all the animals. He went around pointing at each one saying, "annamahl" (animal).

With a baby toad, or some kind of frog. Gavin was game to touch every animal, except he did not want to hold the snake. I had to do the honors.

My little man.
Holding an iguana.

He loved the kangaroo. He wanted to chase it all over the auditorium. He thought it was fascinating; much more animated then the reptiles.
He gave the kangaroo a kiss on the lips, too.

A huge snake. This little kindergartner holding this massive snake. We had a great time meeting some teachers and playing with all the animals. I especially loved watching Papa show off Gavin to all the staff. Gavin preformed his elephant sound and arm gesture (for the trunk), he blew a kiss and charmed them with his contagious cuteness, I guess I am a little proud! Thanks Dad for the fun afternoon!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Little Turtle
All about the candy

With Mommy
Gavin found Grandma and Grandpa's candy stash!

Fillin' up the pumpkin bag
First door. Gavin loved trick-or-treating. He did not want it to end, but his bag was full. When they gave him the candy, he kept saying "moah" (more). So we only went to 4 houses because his bag got full so quickly. He loved it, and especially loved his costume. He wants to wear it all the time. The other day he saw his reflection of himself in his turtle costume and was cracking up. He kept walking away and then back again. It was so cute!
Grandpa Jim went with Mommy and Gavin, and we went to their neighborhood. Daddy got stuck at work! :( When I showed Kyle the video he was so sad he missed it, but what do you do. It was a fun night, especially for Gavin!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Decorating Pumpkin

The Masterpiece! It's a clown.
All Gavin wanted to do was pull all the pieces off, like he does with his Mr. Potato Head.

I hate to carve pumpkins. All the mess and hassel, so I found this at Target. It is a Mr. Potato Head pumpkin decorating kit. It was easy and fun. Gavin really liked all the pieces.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

My two boys! What a lucky boy Gavin is to have such an awesome Dad; who is so involved and excited about everything Gavin is excited about. We are so blessed (Gavin and I)!
So excited!

Pony Ride! He only liked it when the horse was moving. When his horse stopped to go poop, Gavin freaked out. Yes, that is a baby in my gut!

It took him a while, but then he got the hang of it. He pet every animal and even gave kisses to a few, particularly the sheep.

He did not want to stay still for this picture. He wanted to play with all the animals...hence his facial expression.

On a ride. He really liked it.

Which pumpkin?

We told Gavin to pick his pumpkin. He grabbed the first one in sight, and it definitely was not the prettiest. As you can see he tried desperately to pick it up.

Gavin with his pumpkin. He will not let it leave his sight, or arms...as you can see.
Even at home it is right by his toys. He calls it a "vettable" (vegetable). I was cooking one night, stir fry, and I told him the word vegetable. He loves it and uses it to describe his pumpkin and all the squash and gourds out for decoration. He is so smart!
We had so much fun at the pumpkin patch. We went to Bates Nut Farm, where we also took Gavin last year; it was much more fun this year. :) We went on Columbus Day, Kyle had it off. The farm was empty, it was perfect. Gavin really had a great time. I do not know who had a better time, Gavin or us. It was so fun for Kyle and I to watch Gavin's enjoyment about everything we saw and did. I love having a toddler.

Gavin Being Gavin

Brothers and their boys. Little Finn looks way too big to only be 6 weeks old. We are so glad they are close by, and get to have family dinners together. Gavin and Finn will be little buddies when they get older.
Grinding the rail. So focused. He concentrates so hard when he is skateboarding. After all he is our investment for the future. That is why we have the ramp...Pro Skateboarder.

He likes to ride the "boar" (skateboard) with his hands. He normally rides it with his knee, like a dog. But now stands up and cross steps. Aerobics anyone.

I am happiest outside with Daddy on the ramp.

Gavin is obsessed with being outside and playing in the dirt. He also loves leaves!

Gavin loves to skateboard with Daddy. When it is all over, he cries and cries! His new thing now is standing up like Daddy. He goes all the way up to the coping. That's my boy.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why Didn't Anyone Warn Me?

OK fellow moms, what is up with the one year check-up at the doctors office....5 shots and blood work??!!! My poor little Gavin, and all 18lb. 13 oz. of him too. I could not believe it when the nurse told me 5 shots, and blood work. When the doctor came in I questioned the whole 5 shot thing like any nervous mother would. I did the whole MMR=Autism thing. He like any other doctor told me that was nonsense, but is it really? Didn't you see Jenny McCarthy on Oprah last week? Her little son, Evan, and his autism. It is so devastating. But then Kyle tells me that people can die from Measles, and all that. Yeah, so what? Is 5 shots really necessary? I am so scared I made the wrong decision. I mean are doctors always right? Ahhhhh. Can Gavin handle all 5 immunizations. That is A LOT for his little body. Kyle went with me and held Gavin during all of his trauma. I scooped him up, like his little savior right after. He cried and cried, and even trembled a little. Now he is literally knocked out (exhausted) in his crib. I hope he is okay. My poor baby.
So also Gavin had another traumatic experience on Monday night. He woke up at 9:45pm screaming and shaking with his eyes open and closed. We could not do anything to calm him. He was arching his back and truly looked terrified. Kyle and I tried everything to calm him, and finally 15 minutes later, back to sleep like nothing happened. I am afraid it was a night terror. I thought he was too young to get them, but I do not know how else to explain it. It was so scary. Gavin has has a hard week.
So on a lighter note. I am beginning to feel little flutters in my belly. The baby is now getting big enough for me to feel. I only feel it every now and then, but it helps me to feel more connected to the baby. It is beginning to feel very exciting. I am almost 17 weeks, it is going fast! And yes right now I am wearing maternity jeans. I gave in! With Gavin I refused, but hey it is way more comfortable! Ahh...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Gavin Giving Love

Love Elmo!Kiss Elmo!

Gavin began this love crusade at Grandma and Grandpa Olynger's. My mom has a Cabbage Patch doll, and Gavin started to hug it and kiss it. It was so cute, he did it all on his own. While Gavin is hugging all of his animals, he is rocking them while he is holding them, as well as patting their backs. He truly is loving. At church the other week Gavin leaned over the pew and hugged this 3 year old boy. Gavin would not stop. He must have done it for 5 min. The little boy, thank goodness, was really loving as well. I hope this is a preview as to how Gavin will treat his new brother or sister, if so, then all my worries are gone!

Gavin Playing Peek-A-Boo

Where's Gavin?

There he is!

He loves to play this game. He does it all day long. It is super cute the first 5 times, then you just get sick of saying, "Where's Gavin?" He is so cute when he does it because he usually peeks, his fingers are open over his eyes.

Monday, September 24, 2007

First Blog

Hello! I guess it is time for us to join the blog train. We are doing great. Kyle is busy as ever. He is now working in the branch, instead of the home loan center. With this comes longer days, as well as Saturdays. It will give him a little more security during this vulnerable time in the mortgage industry. I am enjoying being at home with Gavin, and constantly on call to start working. Gavin is crazy as ever. He loves to play catch with the ball and speed crawl around the house. He still refuses to walk. On Saturday he took 10 steps, but then plopped on his butt and crawled. Even with our cheers and claps he would rather crawl. He has progressed to the bear crawl. You should see him, he is amazing. His vocabulary is expanding, it is almost up to 15 words, granted Mommy and Daddy may be the only ones who understand, but hey he is trying. His favorite things to say are: ball, dog, turtle, fish, Mama, Dada, duck, more, yummy, book, baby, etc. We just bought his Halloween costume, a turtle! It is so cute. I will post it later. He is constantly making me laugh. He just started dancing. Kyle puts hip hop on and dances with Gavin. It is soooo funny. Yesterday he began tapping his foot to the beat, so great.

Alright, most of you know; however, I have been informed that some are still unaware of our recent news. WE ARE PREGNANT AGAIN! Yes, I was just as shocked as you are. And yes, they will only be 19 months apart. I am due the middle of March, but every time I go in it changes. I am 15 weeks along, and everyday I have to remind myself. I will be in spin class, spinning super hard, and go ahhh, I am pregnant, lower the body temperature! So I forget most of the time, thanks to Gavin, who fills my every thought and emotion. It will be a lot of fun. We are looking forward to sleepless nights and all that again. So there you have it, our first blog, and our family news.