Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Beach Day

Go Dad!
My boys loved having Auntie Alie here.
Sandcastles...just to stomp them down.
He is my beach baby. He charges the water, no fear, and loves to play with the sand in between his fingers.
Alie and Parker

Father's Day BBQ

Parker loves his Papa. My Mom got mad because Parker says, "Papa" and not "Grandma".
The kids table. I am no longer at the adult table. I guess that is what happens when you have kids!
Adult table. Dad, Alison, Greg, Sarah, Grandma Mickey, Grandpa Tony.
Cutting-up his meat!
Parker just grabbed the piece of Tri Tip and ate it, before I could slice it up. What a little man.

At the Pool

Fun with Uncle Greg and Papa
Mommy and Parker (I know I am super white!)
"Let's go!"
Auntie Alie and Parker
Alison came down for the weekend. It was so fun to spend time with her. My boys love her and are always so excited when she comes down. She is such a great auntie, always willing to help and get involved. We miss you already! See ya in a few months.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kyle's Experience During His Ride-A-Long

Kyle had to share his ride-a-long experience for a mini paper for paramedic school. I don't have his permission, but I just want to share with everyone his cool experience he had last weekend. Inbetween paramedic school full time, working full time and volunteering at the Rainbow Fire Department, Kyle also does a 24 hour ride-a-longs with local paramedics in San Diego. I love his stories and I am so proud of him, so I wanted to share his first life saving experience with all of you!

After a long day of running standard BLS calls with a busy unit in San Diego, one of the medics asked me if I was going to take off or stay the night for the rest of the shift. The tired laziness in me was screaming at me to go home and call it a day, but the wanna be medic in me helped me muster up enough will power to stay. “After all, I might get lucky and get a good call tonight,” I thought. A few minutes later I hopped in my sleeping bag and drifted off to sleep. 

What seemed like only a second went by when I heard the phone ring and the beepers go off. I shot out of bed, put on my boots and rushed out to the ambulance. As I was climbing in the bucket seat in the back of the ambulance, I heard dispatch on the radio describe the call. “Patient in cardiac arrest. CPR in progress.”

After a few tense minutes we arrived on the scene to a older, lower middle class neighborhood. It was still dark outside and a fire engine has just arrived on scene 2 minutes before us. We pulled the stretcher and equipment out of the ambulance and entered the home. I knew that what I was about to experience would change my life. I had been thinking and wondering, for the past 6 months now, how I would react to a real emergency like this; now I was going to see if I could keep it together. I took a deep breath and followed the medics in to the patient’s room. 

As I walked in the room I heard a thump thump thump thump. I thought, “What on earth is that loud noise?” I felt like I was walking in to a haunted house on Halloween. I will never forget what I saw when I laid eyes on the source of the sound. There was a man laying on a king size bed that looked to be in his mid 60’s, strapped to a machine on his chest that was doing CPR compressions. I had heard of these machines before, but had no idea how powerful and graphic the reality of it was. Each time the machine did a compression there was a very loud thump thump and the patient’s lower torso rose off the bed about a foot or two. I took a deep breath and told myself to stay calm, no big deal, you got this. The medic handed me an oral airway and I placed it in the man’s mouth. It went in with no gag reflex. They then handed me the bag valve mask and I began to ventilate. “Wait till the machine stops to let you ventilate,” yelled a firefighter. “Do you want to burst his lung!” The machine would stop every 30 seconds and I would ventilate twice. This continued while the other medic was getting his intubation equipment ready. When he was ready, they turned off the machine to check the monitor and I watched the medic intubate this man. The monitor read what the medics told me was asystole with agonal beats. I hooked the BVM up to the tube along with the end title CO2 and began to ventilate every 5-6 seconds. I was paying close attention not to ventilate to fast because I have heard that first time ventilators can get a little to excited. Once we got the ETCO2 working, I saw I was being a little too calm and relaxed because his CO2# was 69. I sped up my ventilations and watched the number drop. It was exhilarating to see something that I had studied so much about happen in real life, right before my eyes. After about 1 minute the monitor started to show something and our systolic BP was up to 90. After another minute the BP went up to 130. No meds were used, just straight BLS CPR and an intubation. 

I ventilated all the way to the hospital. After we dropped the man off at the hospital. I heard one of the medics say, “ We might have actually saved that guys life.” I would get up at 4 am every day to do a call like that. I felt privileged to have assisted these 2 great medics on that call and appreciate so much what I learned and experienced. But most of all, I did not freak out, which was my biggest worry. May be I am cut out for this stuff after all.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"First 5"

When you are poor you find fun, free activities for your kids, and that is exactly what we have been doing. Through "First 5" they have a 'Ready to Learn' (mock preschool) class. Gavin and Parker love it. The teacher is fantastic and it is so fun. They start with circle time, then craft time, circle time, free time and then outside time. (the pictures are backwards). Here is what is was like.
He climbed all the way up the stairs, but had to think for a minute on how to get down. It is so fun to just watch and see them problem solve.

Going over the ABC's. Where's Gavin? Oh, he is the only blond-haired kid! So funny!
Science station.
Go Fish! This weeks theme was "under the sea."
Always smiling!
Gavin lined up all the zoo animals. (this pictures was when he was only half was through) He has a little OCD!
He carried this ball around the entire 2 hours.
Always painting! 

Gavin's Photos

I let Gavin take the camera and take pictures. He was so excited! I had to delete at least 10 of them, so these were the ones that turned out.
His favorite picture, poor Parker falling off his horse. Gavin kept saying, Mommy show me the funny one of Parker". That is an older brother for you...I guess, zero sympathy!
Parker's ear...I think I got all the ear wax out...can we get any closer?!
"Mommy, make a silly face!"

The last few days...

We just finished moving into my Grandma's house. It is so fun! The boys are loving their playroom, outside and their 'new room'...oh the little things. I am enjoying being in our own place again, but I am missing adult interaction. At my parents house there was always someone to talk to...Gavin tries, but it just is not the same! :) So anyways....this is what we have been up to.

I went in the kitchen to get something to eat, and came back outside and found Parker with my highlighter, "studying" like Mommy. He thought he was so funny, and he was! Love him!
He is my super outside kid, standing at the slider waiting for his release from the inside world to the great outside. I put beans inside our little water table and it just ended up on the ground! Mess! But they liked it while it lasted. 
Loving the playroom. I would rather put them in the same room and have a room for just their toys! And they really enjoy it too.
They think Mr. Potato's glasses are so funny you can see!


Loves to make silly faces.
Absolutely loves to explore outside.
His favorite obstacle...THE WALL! He walks on this over and over again, shouting the entire time, "Mom watch me!"
Bath time, so fun and once again full of silliness!
He cracks himself up, as well as his little sidekick, Parker. They are two of a kind. They are really starting to play together now, and it is the sweetest thing. We went from at least 5 timeouts a day (for hitting Parker) to none (most of the time)! They are finally realizing how special this brother relationship is! I knew they had it in them!!! I love my boys!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Backseat Driver

Thanks "Safety City" for giving me another backseat driver. Kyle is annoying enough, with "don't follow so close", "slow down", or "pay attention". If you know us pretty well, then you know that Kyle never drives. I am always the driver! 

Since Gavin went to "Safety City" with Daddy he has been shouting safety precautions. His favorite is the stop sign. He says this every time, "Mom, stop next to the stop sign, and look both ways"! At every stop sign! It gets a little irritating, but none the less a great reminder! And "Mom, slow down, or "Mom, go faster". Thanks Gavin for keeping us safe, Mr. Safety Patrol!