Saturday, July 26, 2008

Skate Park Saturday

We like to spend our Saturdays doing what we do BEST...skateboarding, BUT somewhere NEW! Kyle wanted us all to go out to the Pala Indian Reservation Skate Park. So I missed my favorite weight class at the gym so we could go and hang-out as a family, I am so nice! ;) This was Gavin's first REAL experience with a real skate park (besides the one in our backyard) and he was fully captivated. He didn't even want to skate himself because he was afraid he would miss one of the BIG boys tricks. It was actually really fun, and we might be there next Saturday. 

Kyle suggested that every Saturday we go to the beach with him in the morning and skateboard in the afternoon. Thanks honey for including us in your obsessions. I think it will allow him to still do what he does every Saturday, but free of guilt because we will be accompanying him.  
Gavin and Daddy all suited up and ready to go!

I LOVE my Daddy!!!! Gavin with his bike helmet and pads, they don't make skateboarding pads for a very little, almost 2 year old.
Kyle grinding! (Gavin's favorite trick!)
Daddy ollying( spelling?) the trash  can. Gavin is in aw!

Gavin skating!
Gavin loves to call out tricks while Daddy or other skateboarders are skating. His favorite is a grind. He always wants Daddy to grind. So here Gavin is kind of, not really, attempting one. His other favorite trick is an ollie. Daddy and Gavin love to watch Fuel TV (action sports channel) together, and Kyle teachs him the trick names. Pretty cute. They are both Fuel junkies, when that is on TV so long Mommy and the world.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Gavin at Swim Lessons

Gavin is a little fish. He is only 23 months and he can ALMOST swim, I am so proud! Here is a video of him swimming. He is doing his BIG 1...2 arms, which he talks about and demonstrates on a daily basis. 
Here is another video. This one is only 17 seconds, short and sweet. Enjoy!

My Little Artist

I realized that we have never used the finger paints I bought last year. I think it is because I am a little OCD and I was trying to prevent a mess from happening...but I can never prevent that from happening, who am I kidding? So Gavin had a blast, as you can see!

Is there more paint on his belly or the paper?
His masterpiece...his stomach.
Clean-up time!
Bath paints too, does this ever end?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Scholar's Home Daycare and Preschool

Alright, I know we have been talking about this forever, and you all were wondering if it was ever going to really happen (me too), but we are up and running. Our home is now a daycare. We are really excited and need to get 6 kids before tell everyone you know. Here is a link to our website. I made it myself so it is not super professional, so feel free to critique me. 

Check it out:

Monday, July 14, 2008

BIG boys!

Just some random pictures of the last week. Gavin and Parker are getting soooo BIG! It is scary how fast they grow up. I realized, as I was uploading these pictures, that I really need to stop thinking about 'whens bed time', and enjoy the moment! I love my kids!

Parker doing tummy time.
"Am I done yet?"
This Bumbo Chair is some hard stuff. 
He melts me when he flashes those dimples....what sleepless nights?
Grimmy face. Gavin loves tp play with balls.
Future Graduate.
My boys asleep in the stroller at the beach. I did not know what to do with myself. It was so relaxing! Thanks boys!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Parker 3 Months

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We had such a great holiday weekend! On the 4th we had our church breakfast and stroller and bike parade. Gavin and I (Parker too) had a lot of fun decorating the stroller. We went to Dollar Tree and went all out on the stroller. It was a hit. We won the award for "Most RED, WHITE and BLUE"! Then in the evening we went to our friend Lyndsey's mom and dad's home and saw fireworks and ate a lot of super good food. (Thanks Wood Family for inviting us for the 4th year in a row, and letting Kyle eat all of your food!) On Saturday we went to Seaworld. It was so fun. We went at 5 and stayed until 9pm. We saw the night shows, which Gavin enjoyed solely because of the music; he was dancing like crazy! We had a great weekend, and are a little sad tomorrow is Monday.

Gavin all Patriotic. (The cut under his eye is from playing with the his little flag...the bottom stabbed him in the eye)
Parker asleep like normal.
Our flashy stroller!
Gav and Daddy in the Sesame Street Play Zone. They had so much fun together climbing and running around.
Mommy and Park. Parker's first time touching sand. He could care less!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We will mis you Uncle Ron

On Wednesday, June 25, 2008 my Mom's brother, Ron, passed away suddenly. Needless to say this past week has been full of family, which has been a blessing. I know we have all become closer and have truly realized not to take eachother for granted. I know we will all miss him so much. I feel so blessed to have had him in my life and been able to learn from him and his example. He taught me to be a genuine person, one who truly cares. I always knew he loved me and was truly interested in my life. He also taught me to never stop learning and never stop searching. He was always reading and learning about life and what it had to offer. He was an amazing dad to my cousins, Sean and Stacey. I know when they become parents one day, they will be better becuase of their father's example of what a great parernt is and what a great parent does. He was a person full of kindness and love. 

I will miss you Uncle Ron. I will miss your loud laughter and contageous smile. May you rest in peace.

Ronald A. Alvarez
October 10, 1953 - June 25, 2008
Aunt Diane, Stacey, Uncle Ron and Sean

Parker's First Swim

Since the weather has been so nice, and our pool is now 83 degrees and we have been using it all the time. Gavin goes to swim lessons 3 times a week, but still constantly asks to go swimming...little fish. 

We took Parker in the water unsure how he would do, but he loved it. He was splashing his little legs. He almost fell asleep in the water. He was that relaxed. Here are some pictures of Parker's little milestone!

Mommy and Parker
Daddy and Parker
Gavin making a basket! So excited!
Sweet little Gavin
My boys all sun screened up and wetsuits sunburns for my kids.