Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just ANOTHER Day in Paradise?

Baths were done, boys were dressed, fed and ready for bed. As I was putting Parker to bed, Gavin decided to jump in the bath. (I never leave the bath with water in it, but I guess life was a little crazy this night...I know it is a bad mistake...drown and all....sorry!) My night was long, and I was done, you know the feeling. Then as I walk down the hall, I see Gavin fully clothed in the bath. Seriously, can I just have helpful children, child I should say. So far Parker is perfect. Gavin at Parker's age was just the same as he is now. So this event prolonged bed time, and my time to relax. Thanks Gavin for being so, let's say unpredictable! Kyle started school this night, so I was all alone with no reinforcements. Let's just say I was tired. And I missed the gym, so I was a little bitter!

Parker being his cute self! That's all there is to it!

Monday, January 19, 2009

An Afternoon at the Park!

My boys!
They are so fun! But taking their picture is work! They never want to look at the camera...that is why there is a lot of profile and action shots. They are growing so fast and truly the best! 

Nonstop!  Alway curious, climbing and runnung. Very sweet and smart. We'll keep him.

My sweet baby. Such a Mama's boy. Loving and personable. Happy and content. The cutest!
"I think I like the slide!?"
"OK! No, no I don't!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Super Saturday!

Getting some shut eye before our adventure. Kyle always insists on taking a nap with Gavin whenever he is home. So there you go.
We went to Pump it Up in Poway to get out of the house, with the rain and all. It is an indoor jump heaven. When we entered the doors Gavin could hardly breathe, he was so excited! It was fun!

Parker a little unsure!
Mr. Independent.
With Me! It was really fast, Gavin is so brave for a little 26 lb. 2 year old!

Then we went to Kidsville in Poway too, right next door to Pump it Up. It is a little kids town full of imagination!
Parker cruising on his little truck!

Fire Captain Gavin!
At the store...
...the school...
...and on the boat! (Doing his pirate impression!)


Why is there carpet?! With kids it seems like a cruel joke! They spill, barf and poop on is impossible to clean, and is it ever really clean? Ok, so today, all within a 2 hour period, Gavin did the following to our carpet (we only have carpet in one room in our whole house, and all of the following incidents occurred on this small section of carpet!). We were getting ready to do a craft, so I brought out the craft box with crayons, markers, paint etc.  I was in the other room getting it ready, and I see Gavin walk up to me holding a paint bottle upside down with the paint spilling down his legs and all over his clothes. I follow the paint trail, and see a huge blue paint blob on the carpet. Are you serious? How am I going to get this out? So as you can see from the picture I tried! (Kyle did most of the work, while I tended to the children! Thanks Honey). So that was incident number one. Then two hours later I am cleaning up lunch and I hear, "Mom, Parker's playing with my poop!" I immediately run over. What is this? Gavin had just gone to the bathroom, yes number two, but obviously he was not completely done! Gavin was only wearing shorts, so it fell right down onto the carpet. Parker crawled over to see what this new "toy" was and grabbed it. I am pretty sure I intervened before he sampled it...I hope, from what I could see. Carpet is gross and so are my kids. Could life just be easy for one day?