Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gavin's 2nd Birthday!

I can not believe my baby is now 2! Where has the time gone? Tomorrow he will be off to kindergarden...well besides the realities of life, it was a great day! We did a theme party...which I swore my kids would never have, but it was so easy, especially Elmo! Gavin is obsessed with jumping on and off everything, so I figured that a jumper would be perfect! He absolutely loved it and so did his too! Thank you to everyone who spent their Saturday with us and loving my baby!
Decorations tables and food!

Ghetto birthday sign!
The most awesome jumper ever! It had a slide, basketball hoop, rock climbing wall, punching bags and more...endless fun! The kids were in there the whole time and were red faced and sweaty...pretty funny!
The silly cake I made the night before at midnight!
Blowing out the candles! So cute!

My family is obsessed with phote shoots whenever we get here are a few. My dad's mom, Alison, Greg and me (in the hat, I know we are twins!)
My mom...she is hillarious. She loves Gavin so much, and will risk her aging body to make him smile! Mom, you suprised me with your jumping skills!
Gavin, my little dancer!
Parker (5 months) and Auntie Alie
My mom's parents with Parker
My mom, Grandma Viv, and Parker
My Aunt Diane, cousins: Sean and Stacey with Parker. Thank so much for guys are the best!
Grandpa Tony, Stacey, Grandma Mickey, Sean, Greg (my brother), Alison and me! Cousins with their Grandparents.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Week!

Gavin and his pudding...can't get enough!
My child is out of a good way! He is hillarious! Here he is in his little toy hamper. He is always making us laugh. The other day he said,"Daddy, Michael Phelps is a FAST swimmer." (He is my little Olympic's buddy)
Parker being cute like usual! He is the sweetest  baby; always smiling!
Trying to take a cute picture. Thank goodness for digital; I take 12 and 1 works!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our FIRST Daycare Week

We are now open. We had our first little guy this week. And next week we should have another kid. It is pretty fun, and Gavin is loving having "another one Parker" with us. Yes, his name is Parker and Gavin calls him "another one Parker". Pretty cute!
Our home-made chalkboard. A super hit!
Little chairs and table

Love sacks! Thanks Uncle Greg!

We love to look at ourselves!
"another one Parker" (16 months) Super mellow boy.

Kyle doing music time!
Gavin loves doing summer salts! He is obsessed. And he especially loves his new long garage!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Parkey is Growing Up!

I walked into Parker's room and discovered him perfectly content sucking his thumb! I was super excited because now he  can sooth himself with his own finger! I know you probably think I am crazy! Gavin sucked his ring and pinky fingers until he was 15 months old. He stopped when he got a cut on his ring finger. So we will see with Parker! peaceful!

This was last week, so now he can totally roll over.