Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bum Genius!

I am a hippie! I just decided to go with cloth diapers. I have always wanted to do it, but never really took action. I was at Target today, and they had these cloth diapers. They are "Bum Genius", and the best! I just finished washing my first load, and they wash perfectly clean. Gavin loves them too. He likes that they are colored and not just white. I encourage everyone to use cloth diapers, super easy and cheap! I wanted to save money on diapers, since we spend $60 a month on diapers. This will save us money.....YES! Give it a try!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008


We had two Thanksgivings! Wednesday at my parents house, and Thanksgiving Day at our house. It was my first turkey and Thanksgiving. It turned out good, thank goodness! It was so fun to spend time with everyone and reflect on all the things we are truly grateful! I love the holidays!
My parents with the boys.
Papa and Parker.
Happy Parker!
The Alvarez cousins: Alison, Greg (Gavin), Sean, Me, and Stacey
Little man!
Enjoying the rain...with their tongues out. So cute.
My grandma with Gavin and Uncle Greg
Thanksgiving at my parents.
Mom and Greg
Greg and Alison
Greg always ends up in almost every picture...geez!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

3rd and Army

We had to hit up a famous skate spot during our trip to SF. Kyle was so happy! He did such a great job. Our normal skate park adventures! 
Kyle is so persistent. He can not leave until he nails his trick! Thank goodness this only lasted 30 minutes!
I love my Gav!
Parker loves Auntie Alie! Alison considers Parker part hers because she was there for the delivery. I think they do have a special bond!
Serious Kyle, what is with that face!? All sweaty.
My little man!
My future skaters.

San Francisco Science Museum

Auntie Alie took us to to the science museum. It was amazing! My camera decided to break right when we got there, so all of these pictures are with my trusty camera phone. We had such a great time there. Here is some proof!
Mommy, Daddy and Gavin...Parker is asleep in the stroller. Good boy!
Gavin loves his Auntie Alie
They had all of these stuffed animals (maybe just imitation animals, they looked stuffed?)
With the gorilla. Gavin has always loved gorillas. And he even calls a skull a scary gorilla. It does look like a gorilla if you use your imagination!
This stomping bug game. You have to push the bug food into the leaf. We finally figured it out.
"Cheese!" You too Kyle!
Picture perfect Parker. Alie you look beautiful! Great picture!
Whenever Gavin is on Daddy's shoulders he holds onto his ears for a "handle". Kyle's ears are usually raw after a long ride!
Sitting on the turtle; Gavin's other favorite animal.

Jen's Baby Shower

We spent the weekend up with my sisters in Northern California. We flew in on Thurssday night and spent the day in San Francisco with my sister, Alison. We toured the city..I will post those pictures next! 

So... the baby shower was up in Redding, where my sister Jen and her family live. It was so fun to spend a few days up there. Gavin loved spending time with his cousin, Addison. They were two peas in a pod. They did not fight once. They are both still talking about each other. Oh, how I hate living so far from my sisters. But, we had so much fun. Thanks Jen and Will for opening your house up to us! We had a great time.
Me with my mom
Jen, 8 months pregnant. She looks awesome! I can not wait to meet my niece!!! Who is still nameless!:)
Alison, Mom, Jen and me. Aren't we cute!
Oh the baby  bump!

Cute picture of Alison!
At the Tea Party. Super cute!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Gavin loved trick-or-treating. We wen to Grandma Viv and Papa Jim's  neck of the woods. We enjoyed chili dinner with cornbread and pumpkin pie. Thanks Mom and Dad, it was yummy! He would knock on the door and say, "I need some candy." And then he realized that if he was really polite he got more candy. So  he changed his approach to, "Trick-or-treat," and then when he got the candy he said, "Thank you very much!" After he said that they all said, "You are so sweet, here is some more." So he scored a lot of candy for only going to maybe 15 houses.
He was so excited about all of HIS candy. He did; however, share with me and Kyle. Good boy!
The family!
With Daddy. Getting tired of walking. I forgot his shoes, so he is wearing his socks. Bad Mommy!
Getting his own ride!
Hold your head up high, Gavin, you just got more candy! : )
Happy Parker!

With Grandma Viv.
A little blurry. Gavin with his flashlight.


Nana nana nana naaa....Batman (and Robin)!
What a team!
So cute!
"Batman's good, right?" Gavin asked. "Yes, he's good!" My response.
Skateboarding in his underwear and Batman mask! Oh, don't forget the pads. He cracks me up!
He said, he is going as FAST as Batman.
Gavin with BIG Parker.
Making cookies...or eating them?
Pumpkin cookie! Way better to eat then decorate!

Check this out!