Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paker's 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Parker! I can hardly believe he is 2! Where has the time gone by? He is such a busy boy who loves to go outside and run around, and so sweet, always full of kisses and hugs. He especially loves his big brother Gavin and loves to play with him and laugh at all his silliness. He has begun to talk a ton all of a sudden and now does not stop. Looking forward to another great year with you my Parkee-Poo!
Firefighter Party!

Thanks Maddie for doing the firetruck craft.

Gavin had to steal some attention from Parker so he ran and put on his Spiderman costume. Whatever! With Auntie Coryne.
Katie, Uncle Ryan and Spider-Gavin
My ghetto firetruck cake I made. It was outside and the sun started to melt it.

Happy Birthday to Parker...

The beloved sandbox from Auntie Alie, Uncle Greg and Auntie Sarah. Thanks guys.
Super cute "Go Away Bad Monster" book from Jack and Elliott
Tool set from Katie.
And a thanks you hug!
Thomas the Train from Maddie, Olivia and Kate. Thanks girls.

Truck book from Michael and Madison. Thanks!
The scooter from Grandma and Papa Carnohan.

Sooooo excited!
Paul Frank Firefighter Rain Jacket! Thanks Addison and Ava.

Tons and tons of sand toys from Grandma and Papa Olynger.
"Hey it's my birthday, get them out of my sandbox!"

Gavin's vacation to Redding

Thanks so much Mom and Dad for taking Gavin with you. He has not gone one day with out talking about it. Jen, Will, Addison and Ava thanks so much for planning such fun activities for him, he is counting the days until we see you guys again and until he gets to go back to "Addison's House." Now Addison needs to come alone to San Diego!
Addison and Gavin (5 months apart) Best friends!
Addison, Ava and Gavin. How cute is Ava? Hangin' with the big boys!
Grandma Viv and her Gavin
They helped Will and my Dad dig a deep hole to plant a Sequoia. Good work boys.
Reading a book, probably the new Shark Book Addison got! They read it over and over the whole weekend.
Yee Haw!
Poor Grandma Viv "had" to sleep with Gavin every night. What a sucker!
Matching shirts
Every picture Gavin has his arms around Addison. Ahhh....
With Auntie Alie
Thanks Bond's for everything. We love you!

Parker Weekend!....No Gavin

Gavin went on a trip with my parents to Redding, CA to visit my sisters family for my nephew Addison's 4th Birthday....Gavin's BFF! So we had Parker all alone, so fun and so easy. No timeouts, fights or cries. One kid is cake! We decided after a busy week, as usual, to enjoy the warm weather on a Saturday afternoon and go to La Jolla Cove. It was a blast.
On our way. How excited is Parker?
Mommy and Daddy. We're excited!
Parker skateboarded the whole way from the car to the beach, probably a quarter mile, even down hill. He definately enjoyed the praise from all the on-lookers, such a little skateboarder. Kyle's dream is coming true, so far his boys love his passion!
We called this seal "Big Joe". A little resemblance. :)
Me and my baby.

Daddy and his boy!

Parker only has fun in the sand when one, he can throw it and two, when he puts it on top of his head. Whatever, go for it kid!