Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chicken Pox

Well Gavin has the chicken pox! On Sunday I noticed a rash on his tummy, and I figured I over-dressed him and he had heat rash. On Monday it got a little worse, and it developed little white heads on a few of the pox, so I called the doctor. They said it was chicken pox. I thought it might be, but he was not sick or affected by it, he was not even scratching it. The nurse told me since he had his chicken pox vaccine at one year, it would not be bad at all. It is already starting to clear up, and Gavin is still crazy Gavin, no change!
It looks like it hurts, huh?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Little Boy is Growing-Up

Alright, Gavin is getting big was too quickly, well not big, I shouldn't kid myself, he only weighs 20.6 pounds, but he is growing up! Kyle has been in Mammoth all weekend with my Dad and brother Greg hitting the slops, so Gavin and I have had extra bonding. He has been talking up a storm, increasing his vocabulary every second. He is a little parrot, repeating everything I say. It is really cute, but we do have to be extra careful! He is also combining words which makes it so much easier to understand what he is frustrated about. He can honestly tell me anything. We think he is really smart! So tonight I was holding him and we were listening to his music. I was singing the words along with the CD. You can ask anyone I can not carry a tune, but I did not know my 17 month old would know. He looks up at me and says, "Mama shhhh" (with his finger to his mouth)! I was dumbfounded. Is he getting too old to listen to lullaby's? Good thing I have another baby coming who doesn't know better.

Mount Shasta

Gavin all decked out for the snow!
After we returned to the cabin after the walk, Gavin got M&M's. He put them all in his mouth, afraid if he didn't his cousin Addison would get them.
Papa, Addison (22 months), and Gavin (17 months). They sure love their Papa!
Daddy and Gavin going on a little stroll. Gavin loved the snow (so unlike his Mommy); he did not want to come inside.
My older sister Jennifer and her son, Addison.
We really had a great time up in the snow. Thank you Jen, Will, and Addison for a great weekend getaway. It was so fun to spend time with everyone.

Random Pictures

Whenever Gavin gets tired he puts his fingers in his mouth. Kyle wanted to capture this regular occurrence...and it was a good thing because just this last week he decided not to suck his fingers anymore. He weaned himself. He got a small sore on his finger from sucking it so much and then decided to stop. I am so glad, I was really worried about having to wean him!
I know it is early, but I wanted to introduce him to the potty. He loves it. He sure is skinny!

After he finished eating a waffle with jelly on it... um um good!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Enjoying His First 'Slice of Heaven'

Being the holidays, I wanted to make cookies. And we did not have any around the house because I wanted them out. If they were there and accessible, they would be eaten. Hint to anyone thinking of getting pregnant during the holidays... bad idea! Way too many temptations!  So being pregnant and bored during a rainy day, we made cookies! Gavin has never done this before, consequently, he has never had cookie dough. We made Snicker doodles, and the dough is all buttery and yummy, so needless to say he enjoyed it. 
He looks like he already is buzzin' from the sugar. Poor kid is so deprived. Having a cookie is a special occasion.
Licking it DRY!
I wanted him to help measure and stir, but he just wanted to bang the measuring spoons instead.

Little Latin Man

Gavin loves salsa. I am not sure for what reason, however, I did love spicy things when I was pregnant with him... go figure! My Grandma Mickey would comment on the fact that he is Latin! Whenever he is devouring rice and beans, she always says, 'You know it is because he is Latin!' So maybe that is the reason.
Gavin can sure put the salsa away. He has a much better tolerance than I do.

I kept thinking, ok he is going to be in pain after. But he was totally fine. What a champ.

Gavin Being Gavin

I can not get him out of the cabinet. When I cook dinner he pulls all the pots and pans out and climbs right in. 
Stuck in the pot! He was frustrated, but I had to take a picture before I rescued him.
He always climbs in the dryer when I am doing laundry.
Gavin calls everything a 'hat' when it is on his head. As you can see Gavin and Daddy made 'hats'! (Sorry it is all washed out)

Gavin at the Beach

I took him to the beach in hopes to capture a Christmas Photo, but he was way too enthralled with the birds, and would not look at the camera. These are some really good pictures I must say. The sky was beautiful!
Isn't he so handsome. I know i am his mom, but honestly! My little man.
Oh we love sand!
He is saying "birds!" He was so excited, he could not chase then fast enough.

Baby Parker

This is from his 20 week ultrasound; we are now finally able to upload pictures again! He looks completely different from Gavin. People think I am crazy when I say that, but his profile is totally different. Gavin has a more turned-up nose, and Parker's is straight. All in all, we are getting really excited, only 11 and a half weeks left!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Post is Coming!

Ok, I am so sorry we have not posted anything new. Our computer pretty much died right after our last post back in November, so I have not been able to post anything. We just bought a new computer, and I am now able to function! I will do a new post later today full of pictures and stories. So until then...