Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Pictures

Gavin loves his baths. He did, however, go through a faze where he was terrified, but soon got over it. He loves to change the color of the water, and color with his bath crayons. Baths, as you can guess, do go on for about a half an hour...too much fun!
Because of all the rain the lower lawn was a jungle. Kyle was so excited to take out the riding lawn mower and cut the grass. Gavin enjoyed the ride too. I know many of you are very surprised to see him doing yard work, that is why I took the picture, proof! Kyle has done an amazing job outside and he really enjoys his work outside, I do too.
The yard is like a blanket of grass, so pretty!
Today I bought Gavin's BIG boy bed. Nap time came around, and I did not want too make such a big deal about his bed, and put him in his crib...so I snuggled down with him for about 15 minutes, he just wanted to talk about his bed, no relaxation, so I left him all alone in his bed. When I walked out he was sitting up and crying. I was sure he would get up and chase me. Then 1 minute later he stopped crying. I attempted to get a peek, so I crouched on the ground and tried to look under the door...imagine a big fat pregnant lady crouching to get a peek under the door, pretty funny. Well I did not see any feet so I figured maybe he gave up. I gave it about 20 minutes and opened the door to see if he was really sleeping, and he was! What a big boy. I hope tonight goes as well, if so, I am so thankful! Good boy Gav! 

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day for Us!

Well we had an eventful, scary Valentine's Day. Gavin woke up a little sick with a fever of 102 and cough. Gavin and I stayed home all day away from the rain outside. Feeling yucky from being in our pajamas still at 5pm, we took a shower together. Gavin being a little sick, rested on my shoulder during the whole shower, try washing your hair holding a clingy baby...not fun! Then all of a sudden his back arched, his body began to shake, and his eyes were rolling back. He was seizuring! I don't know if you have ever seen someone have a seizure, but it is the worst sight, let alone feeling you feel watching your baby convulse, and being unable to calm them. I was shouting, "Gavin, Gavin!" thinking he was dying or something. I have never been more scared. He was gasping for air, he literally looked possesed. I immediately got out of the shower, naked and wet, rapped him up in his towel and called 911. Gavin still seizuring, I finally got connected with the dispatcher. She told me to calm down, easy for her to say, and lay him on his side, then the seizure ended. It lasted almost 2 minutes. It felt like forever. The hot firemen came and checked him out. They explained to me that kids up to age 5 can seizure because of a rapid spike in their temperature. So the hot shower was the last thing I should have done. :(  Something about the hypothalmus not being completely developed until age 3 to 5, their brain is unable to signal to the body to start to sweat in order to cool the body, causing their brain to freak out and they seizure. Note to moms and dads: keep your child cool when they have a fever, no blankets or heavy clothes, it will only keep the body heat in. (something we learned) So I am completely emotional, being 8 months pregnant does not help. They suggested we go to the hospital to make sure the fever was the only reason for this violent episode.

My neighors, and friends from church came over (Kyle called them and they came over and arrived at our house the same time as the firemen. Kyle was racing home as well) Our Bishop came over a few minutes later and gave us comfort and we said a prayer and headed to the hospital. I am so greatful for our church and the kind, selfless people we know because of it. It is so comforting to know that other people care about you and your child enough to come over and check on you. Not to mention, we had many phone calls as well.  Belonging to a church where people are truly striving to be Christlike is amazing, and humbling as well.

We arrived at the hospital, and were admitted quickly. They did blood work, cotton swabbed his nose to check for the flu, did a chest e-ray to check for pneumonia, did a rectal thermometer 2 times (is the butt really necessary, why not the ear?), and did the usual weight, ear, throat check. Diagnosis: Flu! Poor kid had to be so tortured. His reason for his lack of sleep the night we got home is because of his tramatic hospital experience, I am sure of it! So yes, we have not slept in 2 days, and we are crossing our fingers that we do not get the flu as well. 

We hope you all had a much happier Valentine's Day and were able to spend it with your special Valentine's. I know I am so greatful for my Valentine's, Kyle and Gavin. Kyle is the best husband and father to Gavin. I am constantly smiling in awe of his patience and pure love he has for his Baby G, or Gabino. And Gavin is truly our greatest blessing. No other being can capture our thoughts and hearts the way he does. Do we really have more love to share with Parker? I am sure we do, and can not wait to add him to our family.