Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Elder Ryan Carnohan

We were so excited!
I made them their own Elder Carnohan shirts. How cute are they?!
Gavin loves to hold Parker's hand.
Here he is! Right when we fist saw him we all started cheering! It was very sweet, and emotional. 

He was missed by so many. Ryan is someone you rarely see. He is one of the most compassionate, loving individuals. He accepts everyone and especially befriends people who have little to no friends at all. He was such an amazing missionary because of his Christlike love. We are so proud of him and what kind of a mission he had. We all became better through his letters and his example. If only all of us could be as Christ-centered as Ryan! We love you Ryan so much. We are so glad to have you back and to learn from you and your incredible example. 

Mom got the first hug, a long awaited 2 year hug!

Ryan and Kyle.
Brothers and best friends. 

After Ryan had pretty much said hello to everyone else, Coryne asked, "Ryan, have you seen Brenna?" He did not recognize her. When he left she just turned 10, and now she is 12! She isso beautiful and so mature!

He kept saying, "Brenna, you are so beautiful!" So sweet!

Elder Carnohan, and future Elder Carnohan's! They love their Uncle!

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