Saturday, April 25, 2009

Skatepark FUN!

Kyle came home early so we decided to enjoy the nice weather and go to the skatepark as a family. Since Kyle is gone a lot we need to use every minute we have together, so here you go. We went to the Pala Indian Reservation Skatepark, so fun. There was only us, and one other guy, so Gavin had a lot of fun skateboarding! Parker just liked to go up and down the little ramps and play with everything he could get his hands on. He is a busy, busy boy. This is my future, sitting at the skateparks and watching my boys tear it up! 

In the pool, Gavin is totally in his element!
So cute. This pool is probably almost 8 feet deep. Gavin is pretty brave!
Hanging-out waiting for his turn. The whole time Kyle is skating, Gavin is asking, "Is it my turn yet?" Gavin has been addicted to skateboarding since he was 11 months and we had one in the backyard! I guess he didn't have a choice! :)

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Rachel said...

Gavin is rockin! He is so coordinated at such a young age.