Thursday, May 1, 2008

Parker's 1 Month Photo Shoot...Gavin too!

I decided to take pictures of my boys. It sounded like a great idea...until Gavin decided (yes I am sure he knows what he is doing) to practically ripped Parker's face off. That is his favorite torture technique. Parker makes a yell for help and sweet little Gavin begins to laugh with pleasure. This kid sure can put up a sweet front, you would never know he had an evil side to him, unless you were around him and his brother and were there to witness his constant torture. Kyle and I are beginning to realize Parker's adaption to it. Yes, he realized if he wants to survive he needs to toughen up and he has. My poor innocent child.

Parker's barely hanging on.
So sweet.
Gavin saying, "Ahhhh..."
Hey blue eyes.
Parker is a balding adolescent. Poor child. One day your zits will pass!
We love you Parker. He is such a great baby. He slept 8 hours last night. I think he is aware that I hate getting up, but I do also enjoy it because it is my special alone time with Parker. This sacred time does not come around enough, which I feel bad about...but what do you do with two boys under 2 years old? Parker is a very easy baby. He only cries when he is hungry, otherwise he is grunting or asleep. He is our little grunter. He grunts when he has to poop or burp. We love him so much and are having a lot of fun with him. I guess they are right when they say you have enough love to go around for the second child. 

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