Friday, January 4, 2008

Enjoying His First 'Slice of Heaven'

Being the holidays, I wanted to make cookies. And we did not have any around the house because I wanted them out. If they were there and accessible, they would be eaten. Hint to anyone thinking of getting pregnant during the holidays... bad idea! Way too many temptations!  So being pregnant and bored during a rainy day, we made cookies! Gavin has never done this before, consequently, he has never had cookie dough. We made Snicker doodles, and the dough is all buttery and yummy, so needless to say he enjoyed it. 
He looks like he already is buzzin' from the sugar. Poor kid is so deprived. Having a cookie is a special occasion.
Licking it DRY!
I wanted him to help measure and stir, but he just wanted to bang the measuring spoons instead.

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