Monday, September 24, 2007

First Blog

Hello! I guess it is time for us to join the blog train. We are doing great. Kyle is busy as ever. He is now working in the branch, instead of the home loan center. With this comes longer days, as well as Saturdays. It will give him a little more security during this vulnerable time in the mortgage industry. I am enjoying being at home with Gavin, and constantly on call to start working. Gavin is crazy as ever. He loves to play catch with the ball and speed crawl around the house. He still refuses to walk. On Saturday he took 10 steps, but then plopped on his butt and crawled. Even with our cheers and claps he would rather crawl. He has progressed to the bear crawl. You should see him, he is amazing. His vocabulary is expanding, it is almost up to 15 words, granted Mommy and Daddy may be the only ones who understand, but hey he is trying. His favorite things to say are: ball, dog, turtle, fish, Mama, Dada, duck, more, yummy, book, baby, etc. We just bought his Halloween costume, a turtle! It is so cute. I will post it later. He is constantly making me laugh. He just started dancing. Kyle puts hip hop on and dances with Gavin. It is soooo funny. Yesterday he began tapping his foot to the beat, so great.

Alright, most of you know; however, I have been informed that some are still unaware of our recent news. WE ARE PREGNANT AGAIN! Yes, I was just as shocked as you are. And yes, they will only be 19 months apart. I am due the middle of March, but every time I go in it changes. I am 15 weeks along, and everyday I have to remind myself. I will be in spin class, spinning super hard, and go ahhh, I am pregnant, lower the body temperature! So I forget most of the time, thanks to Gavin, who fills my every thought and emotion. It will be a lot of fun. We are looking forward to sleepless nights and all that again. So there you have it, our first blog, and our family news.

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aolynger09 said...

so happy you started a blog. now i can get up to date info since i am so far away! :( love you guys!