Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's A Boy!

We are expecting another boy. We just found out on Friday. Kyle keeps rubbing his logic in my face..."I only make boys!" I was looking forward to proving him wrong! But regardless, we are very excited. Gavin will have a brother 19 months younger then himself. They are going to be little buddies. We decided before we were pregnant to name our next boy Parker. So that is his name! He is healthy and growing; I hope it is him, and not just me! He is really active just like Gavin was in my belly. He was pulling his ears during the ultrasound, just like Gavin does. He is super cute! We can not wait to meet him.


*megan said...

Congrats Kyle and Whitney. Two boys together are so much fun. Your little Gavin is adorable and seems to keep you smiling all the time. It was so funny to hear you say you are naming the next one Parker. That was the other name we were deciding between for Miles. We would've both had a "Gavin" and a "Parker".

Leanne said...

Congrats! Parker is a really cute name. We are so excited for you guys. Let's hang out soon.