Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Super Saturday!

Getting some shut eye before our adventure. Kyle always insists on taking a nap with Gavin whenever he is home. So there you go.
We went to Pump it Up in Poway to get out of the house, with the rain and all. It is an indoor jump heaven. When we entered the doors Gavin could hardly breathe, he was so excited! It was fun!

Parker a little unsure!
Mr. Independent.
With Me! It was really fast, Gavin is so brave for a little 26 lb. 2 year old!

Then we went to Kidsville in Poway too, right next door to Pump it Up. It is a little kids town full of imagination!
Parker cruising on his little truck!

Fire Captain Gavin!
At the store...
...the school...
...and on the boat! (Doing his pirate impression!)

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