Saturday, November 1, 2008


Nana nana nana naaa....Batman (and Robin)!
What a team!
So cute!
"Batman's good, right?" Gavin asked. "Yes, he's good!" My response.
Skateboarding in his underwear and Batman mask! Oh, don't forget the pads. He cracks me up!
He said, he is going as FAST as Batman.
Gavin with BIG Parker.
Making cookies...or eating them?
Pumpkin cookie! Way better to eat then decorate!

Check this out!

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The Wattson Family said...

AHHHH! That was sooo cute! I can't believe how coordinated Gavin is. Already skate boarding, wow. When are the surf lessons going to start?:) I love all of the pictures you took it looks like a great Halloween:)