Tuesday, April 15, 2008

With My Cousin Addison...

My sister, Jennifer, and her two year old son, Addison came to visit this last week. Gavin and Addison had so much fun together and really became best buddies. We did a lot of activities including: train ride (new Sprinter), Flower Fields, Fashion Valley Mall, parks etc. And the boys finally got into some cousin trouble at the end of their vacation, with Gavin being the instigator; played in the toilet. At my parents house they took advantage of the no chaperon situation and decided to take it to the bathroom. When discovered by my Dad, Gavin had the toilet brush cup, scooping it with water and yes, drinking it. While Addison was scrubbing the toilet with the brush. They went through a ton of toilet paper, and were covered with wet toilet paper and toilet water. We immediately threw them into the bath and scrubbed their mouths with a lot of toothpaste. It was so gross. Boys will be boys!

Parker and Grandma (aka Nama) 10 days old 
Mommy and Parker
Parker 10 days

I am a little milk drunk. I love Mommy's milk.

I love Nama
Gavin loves Nama's glass table
Gavin being crazy Gavin. Sticking his tongue out at Addison.

Gavin at the park
On the tractor at the Flower Fields
Mommy and Parker, 6 days old.
I love you Addison, I miss you so much!

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