Monday, May 31, 2010

My Grandma's 90th Birthday

My Mom's Mom, my Grandma Mickey, turned 90. Crazy! If you met her you would never know. She is just as spunky as she always has been. That is why we love her; her tell it like it is comments and always down for a party attitude. The party was a total surprise which made it much more special. She had her 4 living sisters come from New York, Miami, and 2 from Puerto Rico. As well as cousins, nephews, and nieces from all over, and of course life long friends. My mom put on this event and it turned out to be a weekend I, as well as everyone involved, will never forget. It truly became a family reunion. I met many relatives I have never met before. It was amazing, and so special for my Grandma.

My Grandma is one of 18 kids, and she is number 9. She was raised in Puerto Rico and came to New York City when she was 18. She is the most driven person I know. She will tell anyone the story of her first 2 weeks in the states, so I will try, it goes something like this: She came all alone with only a few dollars to her name, and unable to speak English. She had to look for a job quickly because her money was going to go. She only had a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk to last her until her first pay check (in 2 weeks). She was hungry and lonely. She made it. She told herself that she was going to be someone and never be hungry again. And she accomplished that goal. She met my Grandpa Tony who had a similar story. He came here from Puerto Rico around the same age. They met dancing and began their life together (now married 64 years). They had my mom and uncle in New York, but then decided they wanted to move to LA to open a restaurant, and they did. They opened up a few restaurants and became very successful. My grandparents are shining examples of the American Dream. I know that I can do and become anyone I want to because of what they accomplished. I am so blessed to have them in my life and to learn from them. I know as they continue to age my time with them is limited, and that breaks my heart. I am so guilty of not calling them or visiting them as often as I should. But I know one thing for sure, I love them so much and truly brag about them often. Happy 90th Birthday Grandma Mickey, I love you so much.

My sweet Gavin. All dress up! So handsome, and he knows it. I told him to take his jacket and tie off because pictures were over and it was HOT, and he said, "Mom, will I still be handsome if I take it off?"
The dance floor, the spot! Jen and Ava.

The party started at 2 and was only going to go until 5, but it continued until 9pm and really kept going all night. These Puerto Ricians are crazy! So much energy.
My Grandma dancing the night away, literally.
My twin sister Alison, and my brothers girlfriend, Sarah.
My Grandpa and I tearing up the dance floor. ;)
There they go!
Just part of the family.
These two, Gavin and my nephew Addison, loved break dancing to the Spanish music.
Come on Aunt Jen.

Me and Alison with my Mom.
My brother Greg and Mom.
Greg and Sarah with Titi (Auntie) Raquel

My Grandma and her sisters: Raquel 78, Miriam 82, Laida 86, my Grandma Manuela 90, and Audia 92.

Jen and Will
The Bond Family

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