Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We will mis you Uncle Ron

On Wednesday, June 25, 2008 my Mom's brother, Ron, passed away suddenly. Needless to say this past week has been full of family, which has been a blessing. I know we have all become closer and have truly realized not to take eachother for granted. I know we will all miss him so much. I feel so blessed to have had him in my life and been able to learn from him and his example. He taught me to be a genuine person, one who truly cares. I always knew he loved me and was truly interested in my life. He also taught me to never stop learning and never stop searching. He was always reading and learning about life and what it had to offer. He was an amazing dad to my cousins, Sean and Stacey. I know when they become parents one day, they will be better becuase of their father's example of what a great parernt is and what a great parent does. He was a person full of kindness and love. 

I will miss you Uncle Ron. I will miss your loud laughter and contageous smile. May you rest in peace.

Ronald A. Alvarez
October 10, 1953 - June 25, 2008
Aunt Diane, Stacey, Uncle Ron and Sean

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